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Rounderbum are one of the most innovative brands in mens shapewear. The technology works by fusing innovative features with comfortable materials. Hidden body sculpting padding flexes and enhances the right areas for a more attractive and athletic look.

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About Rounderbum

Remember shoulder pads from the 90s? Very obvious shape altering items that stuck out under clothing? Rounderbum is not like that. Their boxers and briefs use a combination of compression and padding patented technology. This makes sure rounderbum enhances you shape while remaining undetectable under your clothes.

Thanks to their patented technologies, the Rounderbum range is perfect for men looking for image and confidence boosting underwear.

Key Collections

Padded Underwear

Say goodbye to saggy jeans with padded technology that adds gluteal volume and definition.

Lift Underwear

Thanks to well positioned elastic bands, you can literally lift the junk in your trunks into the perfect eye-catching position.

Package Underwear

Dress to impress with removable padding around the cup area that enhances your package.

Anatomical Underwear

These undies are made to create a perfect anatomical fit. The sideways pouch allows for more a natural fit for men who don’t like to feel restrictued. V shaped bands contour the bum and lift it naturally.

Key Cuts


Boring tightie whities are a thing of the past with Rounderbum butt shaping briefs. Hidden padding adds volume and definition for exciting mens shapewear that will have you looking as great as you feel.


The original  design of rounderbum trunks adapted to any body shape while adding volume and definition to the buttocks. Practical and comfortable, these are the perfect shapewear for anything from a sports session to chilling on the couch.

Boxer Briefs

Slightly longer in length than trunks, the boxer briefs are great for anyone looking for a bit more leg coverage from their underwear. And don’t worry, your bum will still look great!

Jockstraps and Thongs

Free your back while lifting your front with rounderbums most exciting range of underwear. Robust elastics give your bum a lift while the anatomical cup design ensures the whole package looks great.

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