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The jury is still out – are boxer shorts a better fit than briefs? They are the stalwart of men’s underwear fashion, but their popularity is being eroded by an ever growing range of cuts. Which do you prefer? The loose fitting feel of boxers or the ample support of a skinny pair of briefs?

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Undergarments of this cut are very comfortable to wear under loose fitting trouser or jeans, and with many designers now introducing fitted boxers with tighter waistlines and, often, built in support for all the essential anatomical details, many who have not been fans of the garments before are becoming convinced. These are for those who want to feel free of restrictions, and more and more people are finding this style of underwear much more wearable.

To be fair, boxer shorts share the market with some equally impressive and functional items; nowadays there are trunk style boxers that offer great support and are very comfortable to wear. They are also increasingly seen as fashion items, with designers applying bright and breezy patterns in the style of beach shorts in an attempt to liven up the market.

Whatever the choice, boxer shorts are here to stay and are a staple of every designer men’s underwear range, and those who like them will always do so. A matter of personal choice, comfort and, of course, ample support in the right areas. From designer chic to plain and simple – this cut covers all the bases (no pun intended!). A great fashion style that appeals to traditionalists and cutting edge fashionistas alike.

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