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Calvin Klein is the most recognised brand of men’s underwear on the planet. From quality materials to those eye catching waistbands, it’s rare to meet a man today who doesn’t own a pair of their boxers, briefs, or thongs.

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Key CK Men’s Underwear Cuts

Boxer Briefs

Need boxers that a just suitable for a day in the gym as they are for lounging in front the tv? Then Calvin Klein boxer briefs are the underwear for you. Sitting in a happy medium between boxers and briefs, the timeless design fits perfectly with minimal bunching and rising. The soft material offers superior comfort yet remains durable and breathable. A true Calvin Klein classic, whatever the occasion.


One of Calvin Kleins most popular lines, briefs come in a variety of modern styles, colours and fits. Crafted from highest quality fabrics, mens slips provide an abundance of style and quality you won’t find with other brands.

Men’s Trunks

Unbeatable for style, fit an comfort. Mens trunks are one of the largest collections in the Calvin Klein range. Expertly designed to suit any man of any size, they are a timeless piece of underwear. Whether you prefer waistband flashing low cuts, or more classic and minimalistic designs,  there is a style to suit  your taste.


To be worn any day and under anything, these are the quintessential mens boxers. Classic design meets modern materials for a breathable and comfortable every day underwear which has become a staple in men’s wardrobes the world over.


Made out of comfortable cotton stretch material, Calvin Klein gives the jockstrap its unique treatment. Signature minimalist design, soft yet sturdy elastics and a carefully placed pouch ensure these are the ideal jockstraps for any man who wants maximum airflow from their underwear.

Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear History

Calvin Klein originally opened in 1968. Starting out with $10,000, the fashion designer opened a coat shop in New York. Simple, fashionable, and well located, the brand caught on with a fashion conscious younger crowd hungry for european inspired apparel. A Vogue cover appeared a year later, followed by some eye catchingly risquee advertising.

How The Underwear Line Was Born

In 1982, Calvin Klein launched his underwear range. He backed this up with a $500,000 campaign with Olympic pole vaulter Tom hintinaus. Calvin Klein’s philosophy was “The only way to advertise is by not focusing on the product.” And it worked. His underwear range went from zero to 70$ million in its first year!

The 90’s – Boxer Briefs are Invented

By continuing to pursue their trademark seductive yet minimalist approach, the brand continued to grow. In 1992, Marky Mark and a young kate moss posed together topless for one of the defining ad campaigns of the decade. Kate Moss’ slender figure and crooked teeth contrasted starkly with the big boob and glamorous models that were vogue at the time. This bold change as well as the undeniable sex appeal of both models resonated with consumers around the globe. Not just with new york sophisticates, but from lad to hip-hop to mass-market: Calvin Klein became the underwear everyone wanted to be seen wearing.

CK Brand Ethos

Yet it is not just clever marketing that has allowed Calvin Klein underwear to thrive. Trends have come and gone. Thongs, jockstraps etc all had their moments, yet the Calvin Klein boxers have stayed. Luxury materials, a clean yet attractive silhouette, and a comfortable fit are the true cornerstones of what has allowed Calvin Klein underwear to thrive for over 30 years.

From it’s low key beginnings Calvin Klein now rakes in 9$ billion in 2017 and is available in over 110 countries. A true icon of American fashion, a pair of Calvin Klein’s is a must have in any mans underwear draw.

Take away the advertising and Calvin Klein are a great pair of underwear. Styles and brands have come and gone, yet CK boxers, briefs and trunks have been bestsellers the world over for almost 30 years. The combination of luxury cottons with practical, durable and original designs make CK underwear an easy choice for any activity. Plus they look great- whether you’re wearing your trousers high, low, or off..!

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