2Eros Men’s Underwear & Swimwear – What’s It About?

2Eros Men’s Underwear and swimwear is strong on form and functionality. They have unique, and eye-catching styles. Targeted at men who like to look good, even god-like, 2Eros is soaked in the world famous Aussie body conscious beach vibe.

Reject mediocrity and embrace the unique sense of style embodied by this brand!

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Underwear, Beachwear & Swimwear That’s Aussie Born & Bred

The 2Eros label began retailing online in June 2008. It quickly garnered a range of international stockists, and is frequently given editorial space in men’s interest publications. The brainchild of Australian designer Jason Hoeung, the label is known for its adventurous colour use and attention grabbing styles.

Generally worn and loved by body conscious men who are not afraid to be seen, the name is pronounced ‘To Eros’.

“To Eros” is all about the Greek god of love and lust. Eros and everything he embodies. If you think the brand logo looks a teeny tiny bit like a pair of balls, you’d be right. And it’s completely deliberate. So don’t worry. Freud isn’t coming to get you (not today, at least).

If you’re looking for a brand that conceptualises sex, male virility and passion in its underwear designs 2Eros Men’s Underwear is an absolute must try.

Brand Ethos

2Eros packs it’s underwear and swimwear lines full of design features and functionality that matters to its customers. Their strapline for 2020 is “Making your life simpler”. Their lines are designed to be flattering, accentuating body features but still providing good everyday functionality for men who like to live an active (yet stylish!) life.

2Eros – An Action Packed Sense of Style

Swim and underwear lines feature several key cuts This is an easy brand to buy from again and again because of this attention to detail. Regular customers can be assured that the fit or cut they know and love will not change.

Key Swimwear Cuts

Core ranges in the swim and beach department are centred around well cut swim briefs. There’s a collection of shorts that are designed to transfer seamlessly from beach to bar scene.

You will see the “V-Line” mentioned in relation to their swim shorts and briefs. That’s because their key cut is designed to show off those muscles to perfection. This feature is so core to the beach ranges that they are all named with a “V”.

The V-10 Fit

You’ve worked really hard on that beach bod. So this swimwear fit is designed to sit low on the hips and show off that hard won V Line. At the rear, it’s high cut to highlight the quads to perfection.

The S-60 & S61 Bondi Shorts Fit

The two numbers in this cut refer to the leg length of the shorts. The S-60 is the shorter cut. Wear these shorts to the beach for a dip, pop on a shirt, and take yourself to the bar. Stretch fabric for comfort and fabulous fit, they are designed to be a versatile wear anywhere clothing item that’s perfect for beach lifestyle.

S50 Swimshorts

These are looser nylon swim shorts with enough style to still be figure flattering. Low rise cut is used so the all important V-Line is displayed perfectly. The lightweight fabric has a gentle two way stretch, for extra mobility without feeling restricted.

Overview of 2Eros Men’s Underwear Cuts

Fans of well cut undies for body conscious blokes can choose from 4 key cuts: Jockstraps, Briefs Trunks, & Boxers.

Jockstraps – Built For the Active Man

The 2Eros jockstrap is cut to make you look your absolute best. Slim fitted to ensure a slim silhouette, and supportive pouch technology to give subtle enhancing lift and pleasing shaping in your package. In the 2020 season, the U92 cut dominates the range.

Not just good to look at like so many Jockstraps, these are made to be worn during workouts and active sports. The pouch is also designed to ensure reduced chafing and good air movement to minimise uncomfortable sweating. A moisture wicking fabric combined with quick dry technology gives complete comfort during a workout. Judicious use of stretch mesh provides great mobility in the jockstrap.

Briefs – Putting Your Best Bits Forward in Style

All of 2Eros’ briefs are designed to be slimming. They will present the body you’ve worked so hard to perfect to its maximum potential. Breathable fabrics, slimming waistbands, and clever pouch technology all combine to create a range of men’s briefs that are a must have for the body conscious and active man.  There are several subtly different cuts to choose from in the 2020 range.

Trunks – A Little Extra Leg Coverage

Punchy styling with bright, attention grabbing colours, and good use of technical fabrics to ensure a comfortable workout. Most of the 2Eros trunks have a double layered pouch to give a smooth, lifted silhouette.  Good use of slimming technology around the waistband means all your assets are displayed at their absolute best.

They’re Boxer Shorts Jim, But Not As We Know Them!

Formless, flaccid, beige. Not on the 2Eros Boxer Short watch. Everything you love about boxer shorts is here. The comfort, the soft modal fabric. But that’s where the similarities end. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why nobody has ever thought to put a lightweight mesh support into modal boxers, but these guys have got you and your bits’ best interests at heart. Slimming waistband technology, and clever use of cut to create a smart silhouette make these an unexpected but flawlessly executed addition to the underwear fold.

Technical Overview – 2Eros CURV Bulge Boosting Functionality

Like so many other underwear brands, 2Eros has developed some technology of its very own to ensure its styles create the best possible fit and look when worn. Bulge boosting men’s underwear has seen a surge in popularity over the last decade. What was once seen as a bit “out there” is now a must have for any self respecting men’s undies brand.

The CURV has been meticulously designed to create a natural ball lift that also keeps your package away from your skin, ensuring reduced sweating and chafing due to the cooler fit around the crotch. This technology is also used at the rear, creating a hold and lift action to create a great lift around the butt. Finally, scoop functionality ensures every bit of the male anatomy is supported as it should be. Comfortable. Stylish. Sexy.

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