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Addicted Underwear for Men is sporty, sexy, and exqiusitely tailored. This top brand in gay men’s underwear is loved for its eye popping colours, bulge boosting and body enhancing styles.

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Addicted Underwear Brand History

Addicted Underwear for men was established in Barcelona in 2009. The brand was an offshoot of ES Collection, and targeted at fashion conscious gay men. Its videos and photography are sexy and physical, reflecting the target market of body conscious gay males.

Despite having been set up as an offshoot of ES Collection, Addicted has very quickly become a super brand in it’s own right. It has gathered lots of fans in the gay community because of it’s sexy yet highly wearable styles.

Sporty Style With a Sexy Underwear Pedigree

Do you love super sexy style with a sporty look? Collections include swimwear, gymwear, sportswear, and sexywear. Addicted has grown fast since it’s birth and is now available at 240 different worldwide stores. At the time of writing, none of them are on the UK high street. However, there are many online shops stocking Addicted in the UK meaning we can easily get hold of their boxers, briefs, thongs and jockstraps.

Addicted Enhancing Underwear & Swimwear

At the core of the Addicted Underwear brand ethos is the desire to present the male body at it’s best. As a result, there’s a lot of enhancing and boosting pouch technology combined with some daring cuts. If you enjoy wearing underwear with a bit of an edge, this brand is worth a look.

Pack Up Enhancing Pouch

Pack up is an enhancing pouch which has a removable foam cup. Moulded trunks and briefs are seam free for total comfort and are available in Addicted’s swimwear and underwear lines.

U-shape Enhancing Swimwear

Swim shorts featuring an ergonomic inner mesh lining which is used to create a comfortable fit and boosted package. If you want to look your best on the beach and by the pool this pouch gives a natural looking bulge in looser fitting swimwear.

Push Up Enhancing Pouch

Push-Up does exactly what the name suggests. This innovative inner pouch  enhances and places the package to increase size without compromising on comfort.

Addicted Underwear is rapidly becoming an important part of gay male fashion culture. Here at Blokes Undies we look forward to seeing more of their sexy sporty designs.

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