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Addicted Underwear for men was born in Barcelona in 2006. This brand is an offshoot of ES Collection, and targeted at the Gay Men’s fashion sector. It’s promotional videos and photography are unashamedly sexy and physical, reflecting its target market of body conscious gay males.

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Sporty Style With a Sexy Underwear Pedigree

The overtly sexy stylings with an overall sporty look, include swimwear, gymwear, sportswear, and sexywear. The brand has grown rapidly since it’s inception and is now available at 240 different worldwide locations. Sadly at the time of writing, none of them are on the UK high street, but there are many stockists here in Blighty meaning we can easily get hold of their wares.

The brand has invested in the R&D of several men’s underwear technologies:

Pack Up Enhancing Pouch

Pack up is an enhancing pouch featuring a removable foam cup within the mens underwear and swimwear ranges.
Molded garments are seam free for ultimate comfort and are available in Addicted’s swimwear and underwear ranging.
U-shape is an ergonomically designed inner mesh lining which is included in the brand’s swim shorts to create a comfortable and attractive male profile.

Push Up Enhancing Pouch

Push-Up does exactly what the name suggests. This innovative inner compartment enhances and places the package to increase volume without compromising on comfort. This is utilised in selected underwear lines.
Addicted Underwear is rapidly becoming a stalward of gay male fashion culture. Here at Blokes Undies we look forward to seeing more of their sexy sporty designs.

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