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ES collection features sexy sports styled underwear with a daring fetish twist. If you demand high quality, masculine designs this Spanish brand will deliver.

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About ES Collection

Head designer Eduardo Suner founded ES Collection in 2006. He started out with a successful swimwear collection, before expanding into underwear, athletic wear, street wear and accessories for men.

The brand is constantly innovating to ensure their garments feature the latest in underwear technology. From pouch linings for additional comfort, to fast drying swimwear, this Spanish brand delivers. All designs have the functionality to match their hot, sexy Latin styling.

All underwear collections are proudly ‘Made in Spain’. By locally producing boxers, briefs, jockstraps, and accessories, the brand can ensure greater quality on the end product. They also have better control over materials, production and conditions for factory workers.

Key Technologies

Pack up

Available in swimwear and selected underwear, get rid of strange marks and improve the outline of your anatomy with a removable foam cup.


By removing seams, the moulded underwear pouch provides extra comfort and eliminates chafing.


Available in all swim shorts, a unique inner mesh provides a comfortable and ergonomic fit.There’s not excuse not to look your best by the pool.

Push up

Push up pouch technology offers an inner compartment to create an enhanced bulge. The push up pouches increase volume and provide extra comfort. The success of this technology lies in the comfort it provides along with bulge boosting function.

Key Underwear Cuts


ES collection boxers range from classic styles to stylish fetish underwear. Built for supreme comfort and fit, browse the range and find the right style for you. Like to walk on the wild side? Try some of their naughty bottomless boxers. Support at the front, and a cheeky surprise at the back!


With styles ranging from classic briefs to G strings, mesh nets and bottomless slips, ES Collections have the right pair of slips no matter what the occasion.


Few places exude open minded party vibes better than Barcelona. There aren’t many more open  underwear styles than the jockstrap! Stylish, sexy and anatomy enhancing, the jockstraps do their home city proud. Featuring comfortable elastics and advanced pouch technology, ES jockstraps fit so perfectly you’ll want to wear them day and night.


Swim Briefs

ES Collection swim slips are the perfect combination between modern technology and eye catching design. Featuring a number of ES collection signature technologies, keep all eyes on you whether at the beach or by the pool.

Swim Shorts

Eduardo Suner gives his trademark latin twist to his cutting edge swim short range. Fast drying, comfortable, and featuring the latest in ES technology, these great looking swim shorts are a must for hot summer days.

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