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Sukrew men’s underwear is described by it’s creator as a “sexual underwear brand for men”. Kingsley Hamilton came up with the concept of a high quality brand of undies that was both comfortable and sexual. The name? Sexual Unity KREW (SUKREW).

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SUKREW Brand Ethos

Kinglsey founded the brand in December 2013 with a single style, the U Trunk. Since then, he has added no less than 6 styles of underwear to his line in a series of eye popping colours. His goal has remained the same since that first style: to create inclusive underwear that empowers men to feel body confident, in styles that both flatter and enhance.

Sukrew’s eyes and ears are very much open, they want to hear from their customers about what their men’s underwear needs are. Feedback is used to help design future styles of their high quality boxers, briefs, and jockstraps.

Incidentally, if you love underwear fan pics follow SUKREW on Twitter. They love to see what their customers are wearing and there’s lots of pics and videos on there of these undies in real life action.

Guide to SUKREW Men’s Underwear Cuts

Sukrew has an easy to understand system to classify their underwear styles. There are 3 basic male styles: briefs, thongs, and jockstraps.


All men’s brief styles are fashioned in incredibly high quality fabric for a comfortable fit. Some feature a cotton blend for a comfort and breathability whilst a lot of use is made of super stretchy and soft polyamide / elastane elsewhere in the collection.

There’s a variety of ergonomic and bulge boosting pouches to choose from, and it wouldn’t be a sexual men’s underwear line without a bit of butt enhancing functionality to create some sexy curves.


All Sukrew’s thongs feature a comfortable wide elastic waistband which makes them way more comfortable than a g-string. The thong pouch is a little more rounded than some of SUKREW’s other styles, creating a super sexy profile with comfort built in. Don’t worry if you prefer the signature pouch, that’s available in the thong range too.


The much loved classic jockstrap cut is reimagined in sexy sophistication.  Featuring the very desirable combination of the strappy open back and a couple of different boosting pouch options, it’s little wonder that this brand has a legion of loyal fans.

Whether you like minimalist jocks with maximum straps and minimum fabric, or prefer a little more brief style coverage around the front, we’re confident that you’ll find a style to suit you in this carefully thought out collection.

There are 4 key variations to these basic SUKREW underwear cuts.

U Style

It doesn’t get any more sexual than this. U Style is an open front / crotchless underwear style designed to let it all hang free. If you don’t like feeling restricted, or just enjoy sexy men’s underwear then this is the cut for you. The U Jock in particular is unashamedly erotic with its open front and open back styling.

Full Style

These briefs, thongs, and jocks all have one standout feature: a comfortable ergonomic pouch. If you like a more natural barely there feel to your ball support this is a great choice. This type of natural pouch doesn’t put pressure on your crown jewels like a lot of bulge boosting underwear. The “barely there” fit makes your package look bigger simply by letting your anatomy dangle a little more than other pouches. This is an increasingly popular fit with men who are well endowed, or who just don’t like to feel constrained.

V Style

These briefs are open back, with a distinctive “V” shape cutout at the rear. They aren’t the same as a jockstrap, but the V at the rear is elasticated. This offers a jock inspired look without being entirely a pure strap construction.

Sprint Styles

These long leg boxers will appeal to the active man. Featuring mesh side panels and an ergonomic pouch they are ideal for wear during sports.

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