Men’s Bikini Briefs

Fans of skimpy underwear really dig men’s bikini briefs. This cut creates maximum impact with minimum fabric. The bikini cut takes boring old pants and makes them sizzle. For men who like their briefs to be a little more daring, this design classic is a must have in the underwear drawer.

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If you buy a pair, you can expect them to be cut below where your normal waistline would be. With these briefs you can show off a lot of skin, without making a compromise on all important support.

Bikini briefs have their origins in competitive swimming. In the 1940’s women’s swimwear started to make use of this skimpier cut, and it was quickly adopted as underwear. The bikini cut is now a bestseller in male underwear styles all over the world.

Bikini Brief Cuts

There’s a huge variety of cuts to choose from if you’re thinking of dipping a toe into skimpy underwear waters.

Low Rise Bikini

Low slung briefs are a must for body conscious chaps who like to show off all their hard work at the gym. Usually cut below the hips, they create an amazing clean cut view of the male physique. Would you dare?

Pouch Bikini

Whatever cut you desire, there’s always a pouch to match. Bulge boosting, anatomical, push-up – you name it, you can get it. The skimpy bikini cut is particularly effective with some of the bulge boosting technologies on offer today. Nothing to admire but the clean lines and the wow factor around your crotch!

Bikini Strings

Could there be any less of your underwear? We doubt it. Tiny pouch, minimalist string bringing up the rear. Nothing left to the imagination, and definitely fully intended to show off your assets. Maximum impact with minimal fabric. The best type of men’s underwear.

Brazilian Bikini

The main difference with a Brazilian cut is rear coverage. There’ll be no chance of a VPL with the rear coverage sitting somewhere between that offered by a thong and a standard pair of briefs.

Micro Bikini

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny, that’s a micro bikini! Small but perfectly formed it’s perfect for anyone with supreme body confidence and a love of walking on the underwear wild side. If you feel adventurous, try one for yourself. You won’t be disappointed and neither will anyone lucky enough to see you wearing it.

Bikini Underwear FAQ

Are Men’s Bikini Briefs Comfortable?

Definitely. This men’s underwear cut is supremely comfortable and versatile. There’s no reason not to wear these briefs all day every day, particularly at the office if you prefer your work wear to be sleek and close-cut.

As with any underpants, you might need to try out a few different designs and fabric before you find your unicorn, but this versatile cut is well worth the effort.

What’s The Difference Between Men’s Briefs and Men’s Bikini Briefs?

The main difference between briefs and bikini briefs is the amount of fabric. You’ll find that standard briefs sit naturally around your waistline, whilst the bikini brief will be much lower slung and sit more on the hips. The rear cut is likely to be a little more adventurous, showing off a tantalising hint of your bum.

What Benefits Do Bikini Briefs Offer?

These briefs are sexy without being outrageously over the top. They are comfortable enough to wear everyday as well as for special days and nights out. If you’re not quite ready to try out the bikini brief’s skimpier cousin the male thong, you can use it as a gateway underpant. Simply buy progressively smaller cut undies, and push that comfort zone gradually.

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