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The original creators of the Y front (well, someone had to do it!) Jockey have been creating top notch underwear for men since way back in the 1930’s. Stylish underwear created with quality in mind, this brand has male fans all over the globe.

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Founded in 1876  by an innovative chap named Sam Cooper, Jockey underwear for men started life as a sock manufacturer.  Their new line was a hit and from there the business began to expand into other areas of mens undergarments. During the 1910’s they displayed their wares in fine packaging and displayed it on retailers’ shop floors. This was a first in the underwear industry as modest social mores of the time dictated such items should be kept discreetly underneath the counter. Their innovation ultimately resulted in the creation of one of the biggest mens underwear innovations of the 20th centuty. That’s right, they only went and invented the brief underpant in 1934!  This classic mens underwear brand were also the first to display mens underwear in public.

This new underpant invention proved to be a smash hit. Men all over the USA abandoned their trusty long johns for good and adopted this brand new underwear style. But the innovation didn’t stop there, this mens undies company was on a roll and in no mood to stop. In quick order they created the Y Front, much to the relief of users of urinals all over the country, they then went on to create underwear featuring seamless waistbands.

Jockey mens underwear is now sold in 120 countries all over the world. Todays target market for their underwear line appreciate the simple quality and adventurous feel to their briefs, boxers, and traditional Y fronts.

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