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Lingerie for men has exploded in popularity in recent years. Many men want to enjoy the look and feel of sexy lace and other  see through fabrics in combination with more feminine cuts. Male lingerie styles can include panties, bodysuits, and bras. Masculine cuts such as boxer shorts, briefs and jockstraps can also be found in fabrics usually associated with lingerie.

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What Is Men’s Lingerie?

The wide range of men’s lingerie cuts and styles all have one common defining factor.

Regardless of style, men’s lingerie is cut to be incredibly sexy, showcasing the male physique in a very different way from traditional men’s underwear. Our guide to male lingerie will break down the different cuts and fabrics and showcase some of our favourite pieces which have been rated well by reviewers.

Curious about wearing some sexy men’s lingerie? Want to see the best rated and best value styles on the UK market? Step into our boudoir, you’re in for a visual treat!

Who Wears Lingerie for Men?

Any man who wants to explore sensual underwear choices wears lingerie styles designed for the male body. It is important to note that it is not only for men who enjoy cross dressing. Whilst there are an excellent selection of underwear such as bras and basques for men, this is only a small section of the market for this type of sexy underwear.

Male Lingerie is for Everyone

Any man who wants to wear an underwear style which is designed to look and feel sexy can find a style to suit their desires. From boxer shorts with a tiny hint of lace, or some sheer panelling, all the way to daring lace bodystockings and crotchless men’s underwear styles.

Use our guide to explore all that sensual male underwear styles have to offer you. There’s something here for everyone. From beginners to regular wearers of more exotic male underwear styles.

Sexy Men’s Lingerie Fabrics


Lace is one of the most popular fabrics for male lingerie styles. It’s been a stalwart of sexy lingerie for decades for a very good reason. It’s flattering, tempting, and an underwear style classic.

How Does Lace Look?

Lace is very body flattering.  It usually supports and sculpts the body to create a pleasing shape. It’s usually heavily patterned which creates an exciting peek at what hides beneath the underwear. The semi sheer appearance combined with almost completely transparent panels is visually exciting

What Does it Feel Like to Wear Lace Lingerie?

Some men get extremely excited wearing male lace lingerie styles because it feels taboo.  Lace feels lightweight but is extremely soft and sensual. This means you’re very aware of your body during wear. Lace is stretchy and will cradle your package and bum beautifully.

Love Lace? Here’s Our Top Men’s Lace Lingerie Choices

We think every man interested in trying out some more erotic underwear choices should try lace at least once. Whilst it’s not going to be for everyone, it’s by far the most popular fabric in lingerie for men. There’s a very good reason for this.

For Beginners

For Adventurers

Mesh & Fishnet

There’s nothing subtle about mesh and fishnet male underwear styles. Often associated with more kinky, BDSM inspired styles it is definitely a fabric for the more adventurous kinkster.

How Does Mesh & Fishnet Look?

Mesh and fishnet lingerie styles leave all your sexy parts on show! The net pattern is very visually stimulating. It’s skin tight, meaning your body shape is framed beautifully. It almost looks like you are restrained by lots of tiny strands of bondage ropes. Deliciously kinky.

What Does it Feel Like to Wear Mesh & Fishnet Lingerie?

Mesh and fishnet tends to be tight fitting without being uncomfortable. During wear, you’ll be aware of the strands of fabric against your skin. At the same time, you’ll feel a lot of air movement over your skin. Wearers can also enjoy a lot of stimulation from a partner without removing underwear. The sensation of having your skin caressed when wearing mesh and fishnet is uniquely stimulating. Give it a try. You will not regret it.

Love Mesh & Fishnet Underwear? Here’s Our Top Choices

If this has piqued your interest, we’ve looked at the best choices in see through blokes undies for beginners and the more seasoned sexual adventurer.

For Beginners

For Adventurers


See Through

See through lingerie for men is another very popular choice. It’s now so widely used it’s entering mainstream men’s underwear lines. It’s cheeky, and you can choose just how transparent you wish your fabric to be. From a subtle hint of what lies beneath, to a barely there filmy delight – you can choose!

How Does See Through Fabric Look?

Sheer male lingerie varies in levels of transparency. The great thing about the slightly less sheer styles is that they just give a teasing hint of your body underneath. See through fabric is very body flattering and can help create a great shape in your undies.

What Does it Feel Like to Wear See Through Lingerie?

Sheer men’s underwear is very lightweight. It gives more coverage than fishnet styles, so you won’t feel as exposed during wear. Most see through fabrics are very stretchy, which means they can provide excellent support. Wearing sheer undies feels subtle yet erotic.

Love See Through Lingerie? Here’s Our Top Choices

Interested in giving some sexy see through men’s underwear a try, or want to level up the sex  appeal? We’ve done the legwork for you and found some very highly rated undies!

For Beginners

For Adventurers

What Sexy Men’s Lingerie Cuts Are Available?

Male lingerie is not just about sexy fabrics. We’ve moved way beyond the traditional boxers and briefs in the world of men’s underwear.

There’s a huge selection of men’s underwear cuts to choose from. The best thing for us is that if you want to dip a bit of a toe in to the erotic underwear waters, you can select a more traditional cut in a sexy fabric. Wearing male lingerie styles can be an evolving process.

Find your underwear comfort zone with our guide to male lingerie cuts!

Panties &  Briefs

Men’s briefs have an almost endless variety of cuts available. You can be incredibly daring with a micro brief, which has the tiniest triangle of rear coverage. Alternatively, you can go for something that offers full coverage at the rear. There’s  a huge range of pouch options so you don’t have to compromise sex appeal for support.

Our Top Choices in Sexy Male Panties & Briefs

For Beginners

For Adventurers



Thongs for men are a very popular underwear item and have been for many years. If you’ve never tried one, you’re missing a great opportunity. Strings and thongs can be skimpy whilst still offering great support. Many men’s thong lingerie styles are suitable for all day wear, not just the bedroom. It can be a great chance to try out wearing some sexy underwear on an evening out or all day at work.


Great support up front, and a cheeky surprise at the rear. If you like to leave access to your rear available for bedroom fun this can be a great choice. Jockstraps can come in a range of sensual fabrics, with the added bonus of some serious bulge boosting functionality. They are another very popular men’s underwear cut that is rapidly being assimilated into the mainstream. Top brands like Diesel and Calvin Klein now offer this cut as part of their collections.

Our Top Sexy Jockstrap Picks

For Beginners

For Adventurers

Open Back

Not to be confused with jockstraps, open back men’s underwear often features a full pouch and coverage at the front. The rear has a cheeky cutaway leaving those cute buns out on show!


This is one erotic male underwear item that is not for the shy and retiring. They’re a little more difficult to source, but you can get sensual male bodystockings here in the UK. Soft, sheer, skintight and often with feminine touches such as suspender effect detailing. Do you dare?

Our Top Male Bodystocking Pick



Wearing a sexy male bodysuit can let you experience the feel of sensual lingerie fabric on more of your body. Some men wear bodysuits as a standalone item of sexy lingerie, purely for the bedroom. Others enjoy wearing them all day.

Our Top Male Bodysuit Pick


Yes, men can wear sexy crotchless underwear too. We can’t see a single reason why not! Perhaps not one for wearing out to the shops (but whatever floats that boat chaps!). Open at the front to show off your sweet stuff. Sizzlingly erotic and daring.

Our Top Crotchless Men’s Underwear Pick

Open Front Men’s Underwear

Leave nothing to the imagination. It’s as sexy as it gets –  open front underwear for fellas! Often featuring deliciously erotic detailing around the crotch, there’s no doubt about the intention of this underwear. It’s for seduction, and why shouldn’t men enjoy dressing up in naughty lingerie for their partners?

Sexy men’s underwear is here to stay, with the variety of naughty cuts and sensual fabrics only set to increase.


When it comes to lingerie for men it’s hard to pick which one of the many choices we love the most. But our team of underwear fans have searched long and hard to find these amazingly sexy options. Hopefully you’ll be happy to try something new, and enjoy wearing erotic underwear for men.

Best Sexy Lingerie For Beginners

Best Sexy Lingerie For Adventurers



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