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Men’s lingerie is here and we love it. Sexy men’s underwear with see though thongs, crotchless lace panties, lace bikini briefs and other naughty cuts. For women? Definitely not.  Find the lace jockstrap of your dreams, or some see through boxer shorts – there’s a huge variety of sexy choices cut just for the male anatomy.

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What Is Men’s Lingerie?

The definition of men’s lingerie has broadened in recent years. Formerly the sole domain of more feminine styles that might include bras and frilly knickers, male lingerie has been redefined. Anything that reflects a more sensual and sexy side to men’s underwear fashion can now fall under the domain of lingerie.

Masculine styles in fabrics such as lace, see through mesh, and in adventurous cuts such as open front and backless, are now widely available. This has created a broad definition of male lingerie and sexy underwear for men, which is very welcome. Men can now freely express their sexuality through their underwear choices, and experience the pleasure of undies that make them feel sexy.

What Men’s Lingerie Styles Are Available?

Cross Dressing Lingerie

Lots of men feel fulfiled and sexy when they wear female lingerie styles. Thankfully this is no longer quite so taboo. Because of the internet, it’s now much easier to find female styled lingerie in male sizes. A thriving industry has sprung up around providing bras and panties that are made for men.

Lace Male Lingerie

Lace lingerie for men is where masculine styling and cuts to fit the male anatomy meets traditional feminine fabrics. A couple of decades ago, you would have struggled to find a pair of underpants with even a whisper of lace on them.  Today, there are thousands of styles featuring this sensual fabric. The popularity of lace has exploded, as increasing numbers of men discover how enjoyable it is to wear. This type of garment is a more mainstream type of lingerie for men.

See Through Men’s Underwear

Sheer, sensual, and leaving nothing to the imagination. There are thousands of men’s see through underwear styles on the market today. Perhaps you’d like to try some see through boxer shorts, or perhaps the ultimate sexy male lingerie item – a sheer thong. Skimpy, barely there, but incredibly erotic.

Open Front Men’s Underwear

Leave nothing to the imagination. It’s as sexy as it gets –  open front underwear for fellas! Often featuring deliciously erotic detailing around the crotch, there’s no doubt about the intention of this underwear. It’s for seduction, and why shouldn’t men enjoy dressing up in naughty lingerie for their partners?

Sexy men’s underwear is here to stay, with the variety of naughty cuts and sensual fabrics only set to increase.

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