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Launched in early 2018, Mr Smith’s Underwear is taking a small step towards a rejuvenation of British textile design and manufacturing in the heart of Yorkshire. Created to be a true heritage brand, the initial designs are engineered to support and enhance the male physique in total comfort.

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Designer Craig Hendry used his savings to equip a factory within a still working yarn mill, and for the past 9 years has been designing and manufacturing fabulous men’s underwear for his first project Bum Chums, as well as other small undies brands. Craig’s vision is firmly British. There’s none of this “Designed in the UK” and manufactured in Turkey malarkey with his lines – as much of the manufacturing as possible is done right here in the UK. Cloth knitted in Nottingham, dying in Huddersfield, and elastic crafted in the Midlands. These are true British underpants, with Craig’s dream to rejuvenate the British textile trade is quite literally woven into the Mr Smith’s Underwear brand.

The initial collection from Mr Smiths was launched in February 2018 featuring well cut briefs and trunks in a monochromatic colour palette: white, black, and grey. The second collection is now well underway, with Craig planing to introduce new colours.

“Colour is important with underwear, as are prints. Many men like me base their look for the day based on the underwear they select.” says Craig.

Mr Smith’s briefs and trunks are currently winging their way towards online and high street boutiques, so keep an eye out for them to get some proper British engineered support into your underwear drawer. With a surprisingly good value price point starting from £18, there’s no reason not to buy these high quality briefs and trunks with their bona fide northern powerhouse provenance.

Shop online at and get your beautiful British bulge today!

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