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There are hundreds of men’s underwear brands globally. Here at Blokes Undies, we’re aiming to bring you the latest products, news, and reviews from as many of them as possible. Each of our brand pages features a history of the underwear brand, and an overview of the main styles they offer.

We want to create a comprehensive brand resource and feature as many men’s underwear brands and underwear cuts as we can. If you know of a brand, or if your brand should be on our list and isn’t please do let us know!

The Most Popular Brands on Our Website

The top 5 brands on our site over the last 12 months are as follows:-

Gregg Homme

Born in Canada and well known for its incredibly daring and erotic styles, Gregg Homme is a unique and high fashion brand. Lots of sexy see through men’s underwear styles are to be found in their collections. Their Jockstraps are the stuff of legend!

Obviously Underwear

This label offers highly fashionable underwear that is famously comfortable. It’s ergonomic pouch technology is much loved by guys who prefer a more natural feel to their underwear pouches. It’s popular all over the world with men who love it’s barely there support.


Unashamedly sexy, and offering naughty men’s lingerie styles at an amazing price point, this American brand is a firm favourite with our site visitors. We particularly love their lace boxers and briefs, as well as their men’s crotchless underwear styles for erotic fun. Definitely a brand that lets males get in touch with their sensual selves!


This rugged male brand was founded in sun soaked California by a team with huge fashion design xperience. Their jeans lines are supremely sexy and fashionable. Their underwear lines are unashamedly sexy, sporty, and masculine. If you love manly sports styled boxers and briefs, check them out without delay.


This brand does what it’s name suggests, it creates incredibly comfortable and flattering men’s underwear with ergonomic enhancing pouches. Born in South America, it features skimpy styles with excellent cooling and styling to suit the more adventurous hot blooded preferences of the men there.

This list was last updated February 2021, and was created by male underwear fans all over the world voting with their mere presence on the Blokes Undies website!

Men’s Underwear Brands A-Z

Blokes Undies features 69 men’s underwear brands (and counting!), including some sadly departed but much lamented underwear fashion houses. We’ve looked for the best in terms of fashion and range of styles and colours.

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