Boxair Men’s Underwear

Boxair are unique mens boxers which were born in 2006 when two friends looked into the causes of male infertility and discovered that in 40% of couples suffering infertility the cause was attributable to the male partner. Since a main factor in male infertility is the old baby making department getting too warm, the idea for a new line of temperature regulating mens underwear was born. We love European brands here at Blokes Undies, and this innovative line hails from Bulgaria.

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Boxair has a unique design which can reduce scrotal temperature by up to 2% and uses technology such as UV protection to ensure that overheating is prevented. Clever use of fabrics means there’s natural anti persperant characteristics built into the pouch.

Three unique factors contribute to the cooling action of these boxers: nanocrystal fabric, bamboo side panels, and a protective pouch.
The unique fabric composition allows efficient moisture wicking and prevents overheating. All these features mean that fertility is given an extra boost and additional protection, ideal if you have been trying or are planning to conceive.

And what’s the cooling pouch called? SPERMAX. Love it.

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