Sexy Costumes For Men

Whether it’s for a party or a bit of naughty bedroom fun, sexy costumes for men can help you slip effortlessly into a bit of roleplay. Become Dr Love for the night with an exotic medical costume, or transform into the ultimate ride ‘em cowboy for  a bit of yee haw!

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Top Sexy Costumes For Men

Sexy Fireman Outfit

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? Everyone has a fantasy about being rescued by a hunky fireman. You can set the bedroom ablaze with a much more lightweight and naughty version of a fireman’s outfit. Play the role of a sexy firefighter  in a super skimpy costume that will create a super hot bedroom scene.

Fireman Roleplay Idea: A burly brave fireman has arrived on the scene in the nick of time to rescue a scantily clad victim from a terrifying blaze. There must be some way to thank him, surely?

Naughty Butler Costumes

Good service can be taken to the very next level with a naughty butler or waiter costume. There’s just something about those smart ties and neatly starched collars. These sexy costumes for men are usually light on fabric and strong on fantasy. Let’s not forget that this eager to please guy will do anything to please. To serve is their only purpose!

Butler / Waiter Roleplay Idea: The lowly footman has done it again. He’s broken that favourite vase into a thousand tragic pieces. But he’ll do anything to make it all better so he doesn’t lose his job.

Hunky Gladiator Costumes

There’s not usually much to a sexy gladiator costume beyond a leather kilt or loincloth. Enjoy those sizzling Roman fantasies without having to go the full hogg with a Roman Soldier’s cloak, spear, and helmet. You can dress up in one of these sexy costumes for men and create your own little gladiator arena in the comfort of your bedroom. Who will win the fight?

Gladiator Roleplay Idea: Emerging victorious and dusty from yet another bout fighting off lions, the hunky gladiator needs some help tending to his wounds. A slave is only to happy to make it all better…

Sexy Male Gangster Costumes

Playing on the universal appeal of the 1930’s bad boy, these costumes let you fraternise with the criminal element in the best possible way.  Featuring dapper pinstripes and an oh so sexy hat, it’s time to get your guns out and go!

Erotic Gangster Roleplay Idea: One of you is the gangster, the other is the cop. It’s time to make an arrest, but this criminal will do anything to get away. Time for a game of good cop bad cop?

Erotic Cop Costumes

You’re under arrest! Don a hunky cop costume complete with a sexy policemans hat, some handcuffs, and a slightly naughty approach to the criminal justice system. A naughty policeman’s costume has got to be one of the top fantasy picks for some red hot bedroom play.

Naughty Cop Costume Roleplay Idea: The sexy cop captures a truly naughty offender, and dispenses justice right on the spot. Are you going to do time, or accept a well deserved spanking?

Sexy Costumes for men are a great way to create some variety in your love life, as well as giving you the opportunity to live out a few fantasies together.

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