Bjorn Borg Men’s Underwear

Bjorn Borg’s men’s underwear collection is stylish, quirky, and full of humour. Current collections are jam packed with funky prints and bright, bold colours. If you like your undies to make a statement – you’ve found the label for you!

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Bjorn Borg’s name has been world famous since the 1970’s. He’s had a hard life as a tennis star and fashion icon over the years, and now he’s back with his very own range of underwear for men. As you’d expect from a stylish guy like Bjorn the boxers, tangas, and underpants created by his label are quirky and full of personality.

Long Standing In The Underpant World

Founded over 30 years ago this label has been growing in popularity for some time. Borg hasn’t just bought his adoring fans a great line of undies. He is also touting fabulous clothes, eyewear, and shoes. Not bad for someone who has never put pen to paper on the design front!

Only ten countries have the pleasure of this spiffing underwear collection, and good old Blighty is one of them. Underneath that stiff upper lip and demure exterior lies a nation of adventurous underpant wearers. Spirited, fun, and brave are how the average Bjorn Borg Men’s Underwear customers can be described.

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