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The Bjorn Borg underwear collection is stylish, quirky, and full of humour. Current collections are jam packed with funky prints and bright, bold colours. If you like your undies to make a statement this is the label for you!
Materials and cuts are responsibly sourced to ensure that there is no compromise on comfort and fit.

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Bjorn Borg Underwear Cuts

Boxer Shorts

‘He who dares wins’. A quote that could easily be attributed to the 5 time Wimbledon champion. It was this daring attitude that made him a success in the underwear world. Back in the day, mens underwear was dominated by a single model: the rather plain and rather unsexy Y front. Bjorn felt it was time for something new. Together with designer Anders Arnborger, they went on the search for the perfect boxer. The result? The Bjorn Borg Classic Shorts 3201. Now an icon of the underwear world, conservative retailers were initially reluctant to stock it. But Bjorn Borg was never one to give up. The boxers caught on and literally changed the shape of men’s underwear for good.


Some like coffee in the morning, others prefer tea. It is no different with underwear. Bjorn Borg briefs are a comfortable alternative to boxers and are available in the everyday classic cotton material or sporty Tencell.

Long Johns

Nothing is more ideal on a cold winter’s day than a pair of long johns. Fitting just as perfectly under a pair of trousers or jeans, these are an absolute must for staying warm in winter.


With a shorter leg length and low waist, the Bjorn Borg trunks are sports performance underwear. Available in the ‘Tencell’ material, they ensure that you stay cool and comfortable over long training sessions or matches.

Bjorn Borg’s name has been world famous since the 1970’s. He’s had a hard life as a tennis star and fashion icon over the years, and now he’s back with his very own range of underwear for men. As you’d expect from a stylish guy like Bjorn the boxers, tangas, and underpants created by his label are quirky and full of personality.


The core range is the most luxurious-feeling underwear in the Bjorn Borg range. High quality premium combed cotton is meticulously crafted for superior comfort and a perfect fit. Anti chafing technology comes in the way of flatlock seams, ensuring hours of comfort. With over 30 years refining, this range is a true icon of the underwear world. Much like the “Iceman” himself…

About Bjorn Borg Fabric Technology


The Tencel range has one focus in mind: sports performance. The wonderfully soft wood pulp material remains cool and comfortable over long periods, whilst anti chafing technology prevents irritation. You’ll have to find an excuse other than ‘itchy boxers’ for not doing that last rep.

Lyocell fibers are made in a revolutionary ‘close the loop’ process’. The technique transforms wood pulp into breathable fiber in an energy saving and environmentally friendly manner.

You can find this high performance fabric in shorts, trunks, briefs, and loose boxers


To Bjorn Borg, performance off the court is just as important as it is off it. This range was designed with the travelling and sophisticated man in mind. The incredibly light microfiber underwear remain cool and comfortable over long periods of use, perfect for long journeys, hard meetings, or even a night out on the town.

Bjorn Borg Anti Chafing Technology

Nothing is worse for performance than chafing underwear. It is a real irritation and can ruin anything from a quiet stroll to an intense tennis match. For Bjorn Borg, every detail counts. His underwear are made with anti chafing flatlock seams to ensure absolute comfort no matter what the situation.

Bjorn Borg History

Bjorn Borg is a legend in the tennis world. His flowing blonde locks combined with a pragmatic yet extravagant playing style to earn him the nickname ‘the Iceman’. It was in London were he built his legend, enthralling a then conservative Wimbledon crowd en route to winning five championships in a row.

Sporting success was not enough for Bjorn, and in 1984 he started a sportswear brand with head designer Rohdi Heintz.  In 1989, the brand took a bold step and moved into the world of underwear. At the time, the mens underwear was unfashionable and uninteresting: there was little consumer choice in a market dominated by the Y-front.

Encompassing the daring attitude on court attitude which made him such a success, Bjorn Borg became one of the first brands to develop and push the boxer shorts. Today, with a focus on the sporting and active man, the Bjorn Borg brand is known for its combination of classic cuts, quality materials, bold prints and cutting edge technology.

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