Men’s Pouch Underwear – Not Just For Posers

Men’s pouch underwear is not just about the posing pouch. The allure of barely there minimalist styling and a desire for ball friendly features has created a whole new genre of pouch underwear.  The styling includes boxers, briefs, and jockstraps as well as strings.

This underwear type is loved by men who like there to be function as well as form to their undies.

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What is Pouch Underwear?

Firstly, any sort of pouch underwear has a specific function and is formed appropriately to achieve it. Much like bras, the type of men’s underwear pouch you use, and the support it offers, has a big effect on your anatomy.

The purpose of the pouch type chosen might be to enhance your profile, quite literally putting your best bits forward. Support is most important to many men, with the dreaded nut crush / chafe eliminated through clever use of lifting technology and technical fabrics. Many pouches are designed with comfort in mind; perhaps you need a little extra support for a big male anatomy, or you want a “hang free” feel. All these functions, and many more are met by the increasing proliferation of anatomically enhancing pouch technology.

Most Popular Men’s Pouch Underwear Types

Posing Pouch

The posing pouch almost always features a barely there string or thong cut. With it’s origins in men’s bodybuilding, the idea of this style was to show off as much gloriously bemuscled flesh as possible.

Sometimes the genre does drift into a bit of a loincloth at the roleplaying end of the underwear spectrum. But a good posing pouch isn’t necessarily a piece of novelty underwear. They can be bought as joke type items, but for many it’s there to show off the essential maleness of the anatomy and hopefully spark a bit of sexy fun.

Male Power has an incredible range of posing pouches, as does ever popular naughty brand Svenjoyment.

Anatomical Pouch

These pouches tend to be longer, and allow a more natural silhouette and underwear feel. They allow your penis and testicles to dangle more naturally. Fans report a less restrictive underwear experience and reduced sweating and crushing. However, some find that the fit is too large which leads to wrinkling in the pouch area. That’s not going to be a great look or feel.

Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked range features anatomical pouch technology that’s designed to do exactly what it suggests. These pouches make it feel like you’re not wearing underwear at all. Cut in boxers, briefs, jockstraps, and thongs Almost Naked has been a core seller for the brand long term.

Dual Pouch

Say what now? You heard it right! Coming soon to some boxers or briefs near you, two pouches. This makes sense, your penis and testicles have different needs. The best known brand for this is Separatec who promise that their boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs will be a revelation in men’s underwear comfort. With your intimate areas comfortably separated, you can enjoy ball support and enough space to comfortably store your penis in the front pouch. An end to the dreaded need for readjustment and nut crush may be at hand with this one!

You might also have heard of elephant underwear. This pouch style leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. The ball pouch brings up the rear, and a long sheath style pouch is up front. We’re more than sure that you’ll be able to imagine where the elephant name has sprung from. Not to be confused with the briefs at the hilarious end of the undies spectrum which tend to feature comedy ears and googley eyes.

Bulge Enhancing Pouch

Shake what your momma gave ya? Or not. No. Maybe not. Sometimes nature does need a helping hand to present your assets in the best possible light. With men looking for so much functionality from their underpant pouches it’s not surprising that bulge boosting technology is at the very top of many shopping lists.

The enhancement to your bulge will generally be achieved by a cleverly sewn pouch. These use of lifting technology to really put your best bulge forward. Alternatively, a bit of padding will create a sculpted and aesthetically pleasing crotch silhouette. If it’s good enough for Wonderbra, it’s good enough for people like Andrew Christian, who have a hugely popular range of boosting briefs and jockstraps.

Large  Pouch

Are you a big boy? Plenty of people would love to have your problem, right up until they realised that manufacturers of boxers and briefs simply don’t cater to them. Fortunately, new brands such as UK based Big Boys have heard of your plight and created a super sculpted, supportive, and sexy range of thongs, briefs and more. About time too – hung men having to wear loose, unsupportive boxers and suffering the consequences can now breathe a well supported sigh of relief.

Pouch Underwear Knowledgebase

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to drop your auntie Blokes Undies a line and ask any questions on this most important of topics and we’ll publish our replies here on this ever evolving page. We think this article has given a general overview of this type of men’s underwear but if we’ve missed out anything vital – let us know. Keep it brief though. Do you see what we did there?!

Why is there a pouch in men’s underwear?

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