Men’s Lace Underwear

Men’s lace underwear allows males to enjoy the sensual touch of a soft, sheer fabric in a range of masculine styles. Boxers, briefs and thongs are all available in this cComfortable, sexy, and sensual fabric. Men love how it looks and feels.

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About Lace Underwear Styles For Men

Lace underwear made for the male body is not feminine in style. Masculine cuts let men enjoy the visual and physical sensations offered by soft sheer lace.

Men can still enjoy familiar male cuts made from lace. Boxers, briefs, and strings are all available with high quality pouch support. This means that many chaps who might previously have tried out women’s panties can enjoy all the benefits of highly effective pouch support. Lots of men’s underwear brands are now adopting lace detailing, or creating whole ranges in the fabric. For those who like a more masculine underwear style rather than womens lingerie made to fit the male physique this is great news.

Lace undies for men have gained a significant following. Men have become a lot more adventurous with underwear choices. Lace and other sexy sheer underwear fabrics are now easy to find as more men discover the pleasure of underwear that expresses their sexual self. It’s now routine to find men’s thongs, boxers, pouches, jocks, and vests created in this popular soft and gently see through fabric.

Most Popular Men’s Lace Underwear Types

Want to know what the most popular styles are in soft sheer lace for men? Here’s a selection of styles based on the habits of UK online shoppers this season.

Men’s Lace Boxers

Here at Blokes Undies, we love a pair of lace boxer briefs. There’s a lot of pleasure in wearing this fabulous fabric. Boxer briefs give good coverage around the bum, and having the lace caressing the tops of your thighs creates an erotic feeling. Of course, if you like to show off a bit of lace peeking above the waistband of your jeans might just give you a cheeky little thrill!

Men’s Lace Thongs

If you want a bit of a skimpy adventure, we recommend a lace thong. Leave nothing to the imagination and enjoy the the soft, sheer fabric as you go about your everyday business. The barely there string cut is very sexy, and the sheer lace gives a naughty glimpse of your crotch that’s sure to spark a lot of interest!

Lace Bikini Briefs For Men

Sheer men’s bikini briefs in this sensual fabric are the closest you’ll get to a pair of knickers. Skimpy high leg cut, with pouch and full rear coverage creates a sexy look that will create desire in whoever is lucky enough to see you in them.

All of these men’s lace underwear cuts have risen in popularity greatly recently. The trend towards men’s lingerie styes is growing pace. Increasing amounts of men want to try out underwear in fabrics traditional to female underwear styles. Why should the ladies have all the fun?

Best Brands

Manstore have an amazing range of fetish inspired see through men’s underwear that’s suitable for everyday wear. Their sheer lace styles are well cut, sexy and straight to the point on the erotic front.


Should Men Wear Lace Underwear?

Fabric is not gender specific, and lace is now widely accepted in men’s underwear styles.

A few years ago you wouldn’t have found a male thong in the UK. Thankfully, things change and the UK market has become much more open to men expressing their sensuality with their underwear choices.

Lace is an incredibly comfortable sensual fabric that many enjoy for the sheer pleasure and eroticism it offers. Some men enjoy wearing it because it puts them in touch with their feminine side, and offers a new aspect to sensual pleasure.

Do you wear men’s lace underwear? Tell us what you like about it!

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