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Whenever we see sexy and unusual mens underwear it invariably turns out to be an import from South America. PPU is no exception to that undies rule and hails from Colombia. Offering men some seriously sexy styles in intimate apparel this hot latino brand has been raising some temperatures within the UK market with their offerings of unusually cut mens underwear.

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Low on price but high on quality seems to be a watchword with PPU. If you love your undies cut a little on the kinky side then this is the brand for you. We love the cutaway detailing and daring cuts that form the core of this popular collection. If you like to show off your body to it’s best possible effect then you’ll love the unusual and erotic cuts that this label have created.

Straps, briefs, strings, and thongs form the core of the ranges – many featuring thick elastic waistbands with sexy cut-outs that flash a naughty hint of flesh. Most of the pouches are fashioned from a cotton / lycra blend which means they offer great levels of comfort and support to the wearer.

The overall look created by this brand is of a slightly naughty College lockerroom – fresh designs with bold logos fuse with seriously sexy cuts to create a highly desirable overall look that will appeal to anyone who likes their underpants to be a little more adventurous than the average label offers.

One question you’ll find yourself asking when you see these undies in the flesh is “how do they make them so cheap?” Great quality, great value, and daring cuts – we think this brand is here to stay!

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