Sometimes classic, sometimes a little more daring, and very occasionally we find a few pairs of men’s briefs that are completely outrageously erotic. A wide range of styles, but we make sure those boring M&S numbers have no place on our pages.

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It is a little known fact that men’s briefs were invented by the major American underwear manufacturer Jockey in the 1930’s. Prior to that men’s underwear had been primarily of one piece construction – an all in one pants and vest combination – until Jockey, a firm still at the forefront of innovation and design in men’s underwear today – realised that there was a method of separating the two that would bring added hygienic benefits and greater versatility.

The current style of men’s briefs is a long way removed from – although still influenced by – that age old design, but still offers the same levels of comfort, support and style that was intended in the original days.

Men’s underwear has always lagged behind women’s in terms of development and changes, but there are now many different styles of men’s briefs to choose from. It is a widely saturated market that has been embraced by clothing designers who now produce exquisite and very attractive men’s briefs in many colours, patterns and materials, while offering variety that cannot be compared.

Men’s briefs are cheap to manufacture and buy, and are preferred by many to the looser styles of men’s underwear; it is personal choice that decides, however, for some find the heavy levels of support too restrictive. The market is receptive to change, though, and there have been many advances in the design of men’s briefs in recent years that have led to increased comfort levels and better support, thanks to the introduction of modern materials that do a better job.

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