Bawbags Men’s Underwear

Quintessentially Scottish and filled with humour (no we aren’t mocking your package!), Bawbags Men’s Underwear is an urban label with attitude. Specialising in boxer shorts, and featuring bold and brash prints this label is for guys who don’t take themselves too seriously.

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How daring can men’s underwear get? How outlandish a design can manufacturers come up with? In the case of Bawbags Underwear, a superb range of surf and skate inspired men’s garments, the answer to those questions is impossible to give for this must be the most outlandish and stunning range of men’s underwear we have ever seen.

Not only are Bawbags designs stunning, the items themselves are made to the highest possible standards and from the best available material. Famous for its range of incredibly bright and breezy boxer shorts, this is one brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to making a statement.

One design features guns that may have been seen in the Wild West, a motif repeated across the shorts, and is available in an incredible selection of colours, while another is a simple but bold duotone check that looks brilliant. From psychedelic swirls to beautiful and bold plain solid colours, the Bawbags range is one that does not shy away from any possibility. This is men’s designer underwear of the very highest order, daring and stylish as well as quality and inexpensive.

Men’s underwear has traditionally been rather dull in its approach, yet every different style, shape or design in the range approaches the market with a bang; this is maximum impact underwear that has a lot to say about the wearer, beautiful and brilliant in concept as well as well made and comfortable to wear. Don’t be scared – go for Bawbags and be a man!

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