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If you’re looking for deliciously sexy men’s fetish underwear, it’s here.  We have found outrageously sexy styles in fishnet, rubber, lace, latex, and more.

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Love your BDSM? From Leather boxers and thongs all the way to naughty built in restraints and butt plug undies. Whatever you love, there’s a whole world of men’s fetish underwear out there waiting to be played with and discovered!

What Are The Most Popular Men’s Fetish Underwear Brands?

Top fetish brands feature fabulously erotic styles for all your sexy men’s underwear desires.

Gregg Homme

A Canadian brand which has a huge range of super naughty styles. Cutaways, stripper thongs, see through styles, are all at the core of this no holds barred brand.


It’s all in the name guys, you’ll get a lot of erotic enjoyment out of the unashamedly sexy underwear from Sven. Well known for combining masculine styling with sexy looks, this will appeal to anyone looking for naughty fun at a great price point.


Features styles for men who are well aware of their sexual self and want their underwear to reflect this. If you’d like highly tailored sexy men’s underwear that is also suitable for everyday wear this brand is well worth a look. Our European friends definitely don’t have that British stiff upper lip. Do you?

Male Power

Like most things from the USA, this brand is bold and brash. It’s a veteran of men’s erotic styling, and knows how to please a crowd at a great price point. If you’ve never really tried any fetish styles out before, or aren’t sure what really floats your boat yet, this is a great brand to get you started.

Most Popular Men’s Sexy Fetish Underwear Types

Guide To PVC, Latex, Rubber & Wet Look

If you like to really go all out on a sexy treat for a special night in (or out!) then these super erotic fabric choices will be sure to enhance your pleasure. Check out our guide below for some erotic underwear ideas!


Feels soft and is smooth to the touch. High shine PVC will create some super naughty “look at me!” shapes that your partner is sure to love. The stretchy nature of PVC means boxers or briefs will provide maximum comfort and sex appeal.

This super naughty fabric often lends itself to some of the more flamboyant styles. So brace yourself for cutaways, studs, rip off pouches, and garter shorts.

Men’s Latex & Rubber Underwear

These fabrics are what would traditionally spring to mind in terms of fetish underwear for men. For those who enjoy a bit of BDSM kink these more restrictive, structured fabrics will have a great deal of appeal. If you like your underwear to have a bit of sexy functionality, then you can get some with butt plugs, cock rings, or penis sheaths built in.

Men’s Lace & See Through Underwear

Lace and sheer fabrics are soft, lightweight and feel incredibly erotic during wear. The see through nature of these fabrics means there will be lots of naughty glimpses of your best bits. There’s a huge variety in the male underwear cuts available in these erotic fabrics. Boxers, skimpy briefs, teeny men’s thongs. Try it, and you’ll soon see why men’s lace underwear and sheer see through men’s underwear is seeing an explosion in popularity.

Men’s Open Front & Back Underwear

Want to let it all hang out? You can give a naughty peek or easy access to your package or bum with some super erotic open front or back boxers, briefs, or thongs.

The most well known open back underwear style is the sporty jockstrap. Fetish underwear takes the standard of naughty way beyond the strap, and weaves in some erotic magic of it’s own. See through, lace, PVC, and leather can all be found in this underwear style – subtlety is overrated anyway!

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