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The James Tudor range of manes underwear is one that offers a great deal of innovation and originality coupled with nods to classic and timeless designs that are instantly recognisable, and the quality that comes with this superb range is simply outstanding. With such a lot to choose from we didn’t know quite where to start!

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Although clearly drawing from traditional themes the overall sense of impression from the James Tudor collection is one of originality; this is a collection that uses daring colours and some very neat detail touches to achieve a great look and a classic style that is all of its own. This highly rated brand takes old styles and makes them 21st century inventions, adding its own touched to three different types of traditional fly, and we particularly like the use of the cord fly technique that is almost a brand new invention of an old idea.

This is what is great about this underwear collection – it’s comfortable, stylish and original yet strangely – and likeably – familiar.

With great quality and superb materials, plus anatomically designed styles that are meant to inspire comfort and support there is much in this range that is easily given a big thumbs up, and for colours and contrasts little matches a stunning pink and white trunk that is just about as sexy as it can be. Put simply, we love James Tudor underwear because it is what it is – original, stylish, comfortable and very sexy; add in great quality and superb prices and it’s a winning combination all round.

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