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When it comes to sexy and stylish men’s designer underwear nobody does it better than the South Americans – one look at the current underwear range from Pikante is plenty proof of that!

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Sensational patterns, sexy cuts and beautiful quality abound, and when something is right you just know it is right with one look.

You are bound to love the superbly stylish Egyptian bikini brief, as sexy as they come in a quite gloriously fashionable graphic print, and then there’s the beautifully presented Snake Stone string, a superbly designed and very daring traditional shape string that adds to the concept with a brilliant animal print decoration.

The use of quality materials makes Pikante stand out from the crowd – this is a range designed by the people who brought us the quite stunning Clever Moda brand so that is all you should expect – and the standard of fit is simply second to none. There is no substitute for experience, after all, and that shines through in the current collection.

From gorgeously simple thongs to simply sexy and downright daring g-strings, and from traditional hipster styles through the whole range of designs you will be hard pressed to find a men’s underwear collection as diverse, stylish, sexy and adorable as this one, and as each and every garment is made with your comfort to the fore, you will never feel better than in this great collection.

Some brands simply demand that you try them – this is one, and you don’t want to be the one missing out!

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