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For many years swimwear for men was restricted to a few simple designs, these being very ordinary and hardly inspiring, but then fashion designers began to draw influence from the skater community, and from that came a range of sensational designs of men’s swim shorts that has changed the way we view men’s beach and water wear forever.

There are many manufacturers supplying men’s swim shorts, and hence the variety of styles is excessive: not only do we have elasticated waists or drawstring waists, we also have a wide range of colours, patterns, materials and cuts that make this one of the most diversely populated areas of the fashion market.

It’s about time, however, as for many years women were offered differing and original swimsuits and bikinis while men were saddled with ungainly trunks that had no appeal at all.

The skater influence carries through into the patterns, too, for wild Hawaiian style motifs are popular as are jazzy and colourful designs along with more restrained block colours, and one thing that is inherent to many men’s swim shorts is the sheer comfort provided.

Designed to be loose fitting and comfortable, as well as performing in the water, men’s swim shorts are a fashion accessory that have carved a niche in the market making it its very own, and the popularity of these colourful, vibrant and fun garments is set to grow the more they are recognised.

To look your best on the beach or at the pool, invest in your own swim shorts, and stand out from the crowd.

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