Men’s See Through Underwear

Sheer, sexy, see through and transparent.  Get the picture? It’s all here; mesh, fishnet, and men’s see through underwear styles in a huge array of cuts. Choose from thongs, boxers, pouches, and straps, and let your wild side shine through!

There are lots of styles and fabrics to choose from.  Men’s underwear brands which tend towards more flamboyant designs, such as Gregg Homme and Andrew Christian, are offering an increasing range of sheer and sexy briefs.

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What Are The Most Popular Men’s See Through Underwear Types?

Mesh Underwear

Sexy, sheer, and definitely outrageous. Mesh boxers and briefs are particularly popular because they leave so little to the imagination. This fabric offers a very provocative level of transparency whilst also offering a very comfortable fit. Sheer mesh is usually very soft which means it’s very suitable for all day wear as well as being super seductive. The ultimate soft focus filter, a transparent mesh pouch will offer a lightly veiled glimpse of your package. Definitely not for the shy and retiring. Because nowhere to hide!

Lace Underwear

Men’s lace underwear has enjoyed an explosion in popularity in recent years. This soft, see through fabric was once off limits for male styling. It’s not limited to lingerie any longer, but can be found in several masculine cuts including boxer briefs, strings, and we’ve even seen a few lace jock straps around town.

Fishnet Underwear

Fishnet underwear styles for blokes are so see through they are barely there at all. However, fishnet pouches can offer a surprising degree of support. We don’t recommend wearing a pair of fishnet boxer shorts without first applying some careful manscaping to your package. There’s really nowhere to hide those pubes in a pair of wide mesh briefs!

All of these see though men’s lingerie styles are hugely popular with men who want to be more in touch with erotic fabrics. The inclusion of soft sheer fabric in male cuts has gathered pace greatly in recent years.

Best Brands For Men’s See Through Underwear

For true NSFW transparent male underwear, we can’t go past Canadian Brand Gregg Homme. For 2020, their temptation ranges have been hugely popular with fans of outrageous underwear styling. The Blokes Undies staff pick is the Temptation Thong. As if totally sheer, barely there pouches weren’t enough to raise your blood pressure – these thongs have a cheeky snap fastening underneath the pouch. One tug and you’re off.

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