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High quality fabrics, and high fashion styling at a great price point. Doreanse men’s underwear is loved for it’s bright colours and funky prints. You’ll find everything from boxers and briefs to super sexy jockstraps and thongs in their fresh ranges.

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Doreanse – Born In Turkey

Stylish, sexy and highly original – that’s Doreanse, a  sensationally innovative men’s underwear brand that originates from Turkey. The brand was founded in 2004 as an offshoot of a manufacturing company called ASRY Textile. They were already highly experienced underwear manufacturers. Several highly regarded European brands make use of their skills to produce their boxers, briefs, thongs, and jockstrap.

For Doreanse, it made sense to use their expertise to launch their own high fashion men’s underwear brand at a great price point. When you buy this label, you get similar quality to the European counterparts without breaking the bank.

Doreanse Underwear Cuts & Styling

The label offers a constantly changing selection of fashionable men’s underwear cuts. Comfortable cotton, soft modals, and super comfortable microfiber fabric are liberally used in all the styles.

Mixing great designs with some impressive takes on the traditional, this is a  brand that knows no bounds when it comes to comfort and support. In fact, they don’t stop, they simply keep on providing excellent underwear for men that is as good as it gets. Brilliant designs take the traditional aspects of underwear design and instil a naughty cut-away back here, a startlingly brash and beautiful animal print there. The brand offers some superbly minimalist designs that will make you look twice every time.

Thongs & Strings

Skimpy yet exquisitely cut, Doreanse strings and thongs are amazingly comfortable and stylish. The thongs feature ultra soft dual layer pouches teamed with wide elasticated waistbands. Despite their chunky appearance, the waistbands are lightweight and seamfree making them ideal for all day wear.

The strings are so small they’re barely there at all. But what is there, is expertly fashioned. The skimpiest strings feature a waistband that’s just 0.5cm wide and made from stretchy soft polyamide. Lightweight pouches will please fans of minimalist underwear styles, but delicate shaping ensures a natural look and supportive fit.

Boxers & Briefs

The boxers and briefs range feature high quality cuts that focus on providing support and comfort in stylish fabrics.  Just about every imaginable variation on these popular cuts is executed superbly. If you hate labels and seams these are well worth a try, smooth soft fabric is expertly combined with thoughtful construction.


Super skimpy, barely there jockstraps with delicate rear straps are at the core of the range in the current season.  Although the brand doesn’t have a huge range of straps, what they do offer is a little different from the style you’ll see coming from other brands. Well worth a try, and usually priced around a tenner. Can’t really lose at that price point.

Fusion Cuts – Boxer Briefs or A Thong?

Ever wondered what a cross between boxer briefs and a thong would look like? Wonder no more, because Doreanse has this well and truly covered. How about some briefs that are halfway to a male thong? Cheeky briefs have got your curiousity covered. The majority of your bum cheeks, not so much. Those peek out deliciously.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try out a cross between a bodysuit and a thong? Wonder no longer, because the body thong is here and crying out to be tried this weekend!

This is what quality designer men’s underwear should be about, and it is uniquely Doreanse. There is no skimping on the quality here, and no elevating the price to accentuate the name, just finely made, gorgeous to wear, sexy and stylish underwear for men that is as wonderful as it can possibly be. There are few brands that do things as much their own way as this one, so why not try it for size?

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