What’s in a name? No, it’s not because they are promising your package would put a farm yard animal to shame. Wild Milk is quite simply Wild: Tough-Sexy, Milk: Plain-Stylish.

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Plain stylish maybe, vanilla definitely not!

Born in Turkey, and like other underwear styles from this vibrant country this underwear brand is pushing to create fit and style which channels the pure energy of the male physique. Fab and funky colours fuse with trendy cuts and up to the minute retro stylings to create a rich and vibrant collection that already has a strong and loyal following.

Wild Milk underwear is designed to appeal to men who enjoy a modern and outgoing lifestyle. “If it is what accompanies you all day long, why not make it something special?” says founder Erhan Tomar who started the brand after realising that the men’s underwear market lacked custom undies designs. With a signature style that’s wholeheartedly clean cut and masculine the Wild Milk collection seeks to create strong design coupled with excellent cut and comfort. Supportive designs fuse with elastic fabrics to provide just that.

Another great Turkish brand we will be watching with great interest.

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