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Andrew Christian men’s underwear was founded way back in 1997 by its owner and namesake. It has since seen a huge rise to global popularity, winning legions of fans amongst gay men.

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Brand Ethos

Many of its styles are all American and sporty, but the brand itself is never afraid to push sexual boundaries. Andrew Christian is a pioneer of men’s underwear and swimwear fashion – transformed from the mundane to the sexy.

The popularity of this flamboyant undies super brand, which is named after its designer and founder, is ever increasing. Andrew Christian’s use of customised weaves and men’s underwear technology has created a huge range of cuts that his legions of fans love to wear.

Andrew Christian Key Cuts

Key cuts in the underwear and swimwear collections are themed around basics, street styled, sporty, and high fashion. The range includes boxer briefs, super low cut briefs, hipster slung, and don’t forget the ever popular jock strap.

The underwear styles are clean cut, simple, and body flattering. Where this brand wins hands down is the huge selection of fabrics in a seemingly infinite variety of colours and textures.

These high tech fabrics underpin the versatility and popularity of the ranges with bamboo fibre, moisture wicking blended cotton, and sporty mesh. Andrew Christian is almost entirely responsible for the rise (pun intended) of bulge and butt enhancing styles for men.

Enhancing The Popularity Of Men’s Underwear

Styles designed to enhance the male form are key to the enduring popularity of Andrew Christian’s underwear and swimwear. Bulge enhancing, bum flattering, waist slimming styles ensure that the loyal fan base like what they see in the mirror when they glide into their undies and bathers.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked

The Almost Naked pouch is an anatomically correct underwear masterpiece. It’s perfect for any guy who likes a more natural underwear experience. Many men have found out to their very great cost that going commando can lead to discomfort including nut crush, sweating, and chafing. Ugh. The Almost Naked pouch is hugely popular because it eliminates all those cock and ball type nasties whilst giving the barely there feel that so many anatomical pouch fans love.  It’s available in a huge array of fabrics, cuts, and colours including see through mesh, and fishnet. Just don’t forget the manscaping.

Almost Naked by The Pool

It’s not just about the underwear, you can grab yourself some flirty swimwear featuring the Almost Naked pouch too. In typically bold, sexy style you can choose from swim strings, and bikini briefs. This is also available in our absolute stand out favourite pieces of swim gear – the buckle and zipper bikini briefs. For those moments when you need to get out of your bathers quickly!

Andrew Christian Show-It

You could let it all hang out or you could show it off to its full potential. Patented bulge boosting technology will make sure you put your best bits front and centre. A horseshoe shaped inner cup lifts and scoops your package to full attention, adding up to 1.5 inches to your front measurements.

Don’t worry about this feeling weird, it’s not called the Comfy Cup for no reason. You can enjoy full bulge enhancement in total luxurious comfort, and the usual variety of textures and colours offered by Mr Christian’s crack underwear design team.

Andrew Christian Bubble Butt

Bringing up the rear and offering superb support and shaping technology, the Andrew Christian Bubble Butt cut offers the perfect derriere. Smooth, perfect butt profile is achieved in one of two ways:-

Bubble Butt Shaping Pads

Two removable, perfectly formed butt shaping pads  slide into place to lift and cup your buttocks to perfection. Ideal for wearing under close fitting garments, or to show yourself off to perfection in the gym.

Bubble Butt Jocks & Thongs

Jock straps lend themselves naturally to providing butt lifting functionality. The thong back and more traditional jock strap both provide great lift and support to create a perfect, pinchable bum. You can choose the Bubble Butt thong which features fabric underneath your bum to help lift and support those buns beautifully.

A worldwide distribution network in countries including Germany, the UK, and USA in a variety of prestigious department stores is a vivid demonstration of just how mainstream flattering and sexy male undies have become.

Andrew Christian – we salute your many works of underwear genius!

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