Want to give your boys the very best?  Big Boys Men’s Underwear is a home grown British brand devoted to providing comfortable bulge boosting mens underwear!

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Based in Rochdale (which does go to prove that good things do come from Oop North;) this company are quickly carving themselves a niche in the creation of simple yet eye catching ergonomic underwear with serious comfort and bulge boosting principles experty woven into their designs. Their lines are also invaluable for the well endowed man, with their extra roomy pouches providing breathing space for those blessed with plenty of flesh to pack away!

Soft Supportive Pouch Technology For Your Big Boys

Big Boys use an amazing environmentally friendly fabric that is not only very kind to the environment but also your family jewels as well!  Lenzing modal fabric that’s incredibly comfortable and ten times softer than the standard cotton that most mens underpants are made of cradles, lifts,  and supports that package just beautifully.

Their unique pouch design lifts up and creates a comfortable fit. The incredibly stretchy fabric used in their ranges of boxers, briefs, and thongs means that many men who are better endowed and might find the construction of underpants for the average sized fella a bit restrictive will enjoy a comfortable fit that feels tailor made for their bigger sized package.

The brand’s slogan is a question? “Are you man enough?” clearly they are aiming their wares at the better endowed end of the market. This makes a lot of sense as there’s not a huge amount of undies options for the bigger chaps out there.

Equally though, this brand can also fit men of average size. Thanks to their innovative use of fabric this new brand on the block have created a highly comfortable collection that will appeal to men who love great fit and fantastic comfort.

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