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Modus Vivendi Men’s Underwear is a stylish brand inspired by god-like Greek perfection. Tight fitting briefs, daring jockstraps, and lots of sexy fabrics such as faux-leather are the stylish backdrop against which this divine brand is set.

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Dead Good UndiesDead Good Undies

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The name translates literally to “way of life” and the collections from this brand reflect their belief that “Everything we do we do first and foremost for one reason: because we love it!”

About Modus Vivendi Underwear

The brand was born in Greece in 1989 with creator Christos Bibitsos at the helm. This purveyor of high quality men’s pants and swimwear is designed and manufactured in Greece. Every part of the design and manufacturing process is Greek, even production of the fabric and packaging.

Such is the attention to detail poured into the collections by Christos, he personally makes the first version of each new line. Quality and style is high priority for Modus Vivendi.

Embracing The Male Way Of Life

Modus Vivendi has a strong vision: “To deliver a new experience in men’s underwear fashion with the male way of life.”

There’s no space for plain and boring underwear in the closets of this brand’s many male fans. Breaking away from norms with cutting edge, flamboyant designs and fabulous colours and fabrics is part of their core mission.

The Greek inspiration is very clear to see in their designs. Clean cut designs for body conscious men who like to look almost god like. The underwear and swimwear is definitely heavenly to behold.

Modus Vivendi Key Underwear Cuts

This brand will be for you if you like lots of metallic fabrics, eye popping colours, and incredibly well tailored lines. Body conscious men will like the selection of daringly low slung hipsters, combined with some outrageously sexy jockstraps and bottomless briefs.

Enhancer Boxers

Very few men’s underwear brands don’t offer some kind of boosting pouch or butt sculpting technology, and the MV Enhancer boxer offers both.

Soft and comfortable elasticated straps create lift around the crotch area, as well as offering some sculpting and support around the bum. These are external, so they create an edgy look. By choosing to place them on the exterior, the designers have also create a little more comfort than is offered by similar boxers which might have the lifting straps directly against the skin.

Brazil Cut Boxers

Low slung, clinging to the hips, and perfect to display that hard earned “V-Line” to utter perfection. These hipster underpants are ideal for wearing underneath low slung jeans.

Square cut and tantalisingly low above the pouch, these boxers are simple and sexy. The seams are highly tailored creating an incredibly pleasing shape.

Classic Boxers & Briefs

The cuts might be classic, but the fabrics definitely are not! Masculine lines combine with a variety of flamboyant material choices. Sheer mesh is fused with metallic double pouches in some styles, and a variety of popping colours and elastics in others.

Clean cut, sexy, and well tailored. Modus Vivendi Men’s Underwear is definitely reimagining classic men’s underwear in an exciting new way. There’s no compromise on comfort, all the classic briefs and boxer shorts feature an incredibly soft dual layer pouch. The pouch creates great shape and support for your package, making these undies a great choice for underneath close fitting trousers.

Low Cut Briefs

How low can you go? Pretty darned low according to Modus Vivendi! Their low cut men’s bikini briefs are perfectly cut to be high at the leg and low on the waist. Skimpy, minimalist perfection with clean cut angular lines combining a barely there look with a double pouch. Sexy and comfortable briefs for men who like to look and feel good.


No self respecting male underwear brand is without a fine selection of sexy jockstraps. The MV ranges feature all the skimpy styling we know and love, combined with soft elastic straps for a classic jockstrap fit.

Tanga Briefs

Do you know how to Tanga? MV has you covered with their comfortable wide waistbands, double layer pouches, and full coverage rears. All your favourite fabrics from the sheer metallics to comfortable cottons are featured!

Modus Vivendi Men’s Swimwear – Key Cuts

Swim Briefs

Modus Vivendi has it covered in every way possible. All your favourite swimming fashion cuts are featured in their collections. Bikini briefs, low slung hipsters, tangas, and more classic budgie smuggling type styles. All available in an array of sexy yet beach friendly, fast drying swim fabrics.

If you want to go skimpy by the pool, a pair of MV swim briefs is an absolute must have holiday item.

Swim Trunk Boxers

Tight fitting, and offering a bit more coverage than briefs, you can choose from tight fitting Brazil cut hipsters, clean cut boxer trunks, jeans trunk boxers, and more. The boxer cut swimwear ranges offer a range of punchy styles and high fashion fabrics for men who love to look good.

Swim Shorts

Modus Vivendi Men’s swim shorts are a breath of fresh, fashionable air by the pool. Splendidly cut to perfection, there’s no room for saggy old crotches on the MV beach. Choose from a range of attention grabbing fabrics to complete your holiday look.

The underwear and swim collections from this brand will appeal to any fashion conscious fella who likes to wear well cut, sexy underwear. Modus Vivendi’s brand site has more info!

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