Shapewear For Men

Need a bit of help to get rid of that “Man Muffin Top”? There are now several body sculpting, figure enhancing, lines for men on the market!

For many years men’s underwear lagged behind the female counterpart as a poor cousin of some very exotic and beautiful lingerie, and when it came to shaping the contours of a woman’s body – always a consideration of underwear designers – the male counterpart was not even considered for the same treatment.

With men’s health and fitness now high on the agenda, latter years have seen the appearance of some very impressive and extremely successful men’s shapewear, and this takes the form of clothing that shapes the body in three particular areas.

Most popular are trunks that shape the buttocks, doing so by a method of construction that pushes up the buttocks when the garment is worn, and without the need for padding or other contraptions. Clever design and modern materials have allowed this to be done to great effect these days, and the results are increasingly impressive as designers get to grips with the technology.

Shapewear is also used to enhance the size of the male appendage, by utilising a clever pouch on the front of the underwear that carries the man’s assets and holds them carefully in place with added effect, this being sometimes used in conjunction with the buttock shaping described above.

Men’s shapewear also takes the form of garments for the upper torso, which use the same technology to shape the chest and sometimes the arms to very good effect.

All in all, the advances of technology and clothing construction that have been seen in the market in recent years have led to there being much more on offer for the man!

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