Men’s Shapewear

Need a bit of help to get rid of that “Man Muffin Top”? There are several men’s shapewear lines on the market. All offer body sculpting, figure enhancing functionality to create a great silhouette under clothing.

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What is Men’s Shapewear?

Similar to the versions offered to women, male shapewear creates a framework to sculpt your bodyshape. Shapewear tends to be made of highly elastic fabric, that pulls in any body fat and creates a smoothed out silhouette. The most common problem areas for men are around the waist and torso.

Men have been wearing body sculpting underwear since Victorian times, when manufacturers reported increased demand from male customers. Fortunately, the modern version is a lot more comfortable and user friendly!

What Types of Male Shapewear Are There?

It may come as a surprise when you learn just how many different types of slimming men’s underwear are available.

Men’s Girdles & Corsets

Girdles and corsets aren’t as old fashioned as they sound. Girdles are a classic design, they are usually a band of stretchy fabric designed to sit comfortably around the tummy area, smoothing out body fat. A girdle will give a slim, toned appearance around the waist and abs.

Corsets are a relatively new reappearance on the men’s shapewear scene. Fortunately the modern day versions are not boned, but are made from highly elasticated fabric. They slim your tummy and create larger looking pecs for a fresh out of the gym look under clothing.

Men’s Briefs With Slimming Waistbands

Briefs and boxer shorts offer subtle men’s shapewear styling. Many mens’ underwear brands offer this functionality as part of their core ranges, with waistbands designed to eliminate the male muffin top.

Some boxers and briefs, such as the Addicted Slim Brief, offer an integrated compression waistband which promises to take up to 5cm off your waist. These briefs have the added bonus of a bulge boosting pouch, meaning you can be assured of an impressive body shape!

Body Firming / Compression Tank Tops and T-Shirts

Tank topsa nd t-shirts are another popular modern take on body sculpting shapewear for men. These tend to be plain garments made from elasticated fabric. This offers a toned looking body shape to wearers. The big draw of these is that they can be worn on their own with jeans, or can be visible underneath a shirt without it really being obvious they are shapewear.  Some are entirely plain, whilst others feature clever sculpting lines that look like part of the styling of the shirt.

Men’s Body Shapers & Body Suits

Body shaping suits tend to offer more all over support, sometimes extending from just above the knee. The suits zip up the front, and  offer back control, support, and posture correction. These suits can also be used post surgery to aid in the recovery process.

Body shapers can also zip up the front, offering similar support and control to the upper body area.

Men’s shapewear is now firmly in the mainstream, giving males the opportunity to look and feel their best every single day.

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