Svenjoyment Men’s Underwear

Sexy, kinky and erotic. There’s no other way to describe the outrageous styles created by  Svenjoyment Men’s Underwear (formerly known as Sven O).

The styles offered by this top European brand are sexy in the extreme; this is a brand for men who love to be outrageous. Particularly popular are the fishnet and open front styles.

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Brand Profile

Svenjoyment has been created especially for men who dare to be different. Males who love to be sexy and can’t resist pushing bedroom boundaries will find much to please them. The boxers, briefs, and strings are designed to show off a man’s best parts, and you don’t need to be a genius to guess the location of those best bits. In case you hadn’t, it’s mostly the crotch and bum area.

Key Underwear Cuts

Svenjoyment Men’s Underwear is well known for their line of “push up” styles for blokes who want a bit of a confidence booster. These boxer shorts and briefs feature unique built in pouch technology which is designed to enhance profile, boost size, and make you look and feel sexy.

The price point on the lines is very competitive, meaning you can explore erotic and adventurous men’s underwear without breaking the bank.

Svenjoyment Cuts & Fabrics

No fabric is out of bounds for this label’s adventurous teams of underwear designers. Shiny PVC, wet look fabric, metallics, fishnet, mesh, and lame are all used to maximum effect in their ranges of pouches, thongs, boxers, trunks, and shorts. Sexy features include open fronts, quick release zippers, and even built in cock rings.

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