Eros Veneziani Men’s Underwear

Specialising in very sexy thongs and jocks for men who like their undies to express their inner naughtyness, Eros Veneziani men’s underwear features daring cuts and revealing fabrics. Not for the shy and retiring by any stretch of the imagination!

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Like most incredibly sexy things, Eros men’s underwear has been designed and created in Italy. Daring in nature, their forthright designs are definitely intended to be shown off, this is not underwear you’re going to want to cover up… its way too dramatic for that.

In the UK, it is difficult to find their ranges as they are considered a little too risqué for the more reserved British underwear shopper. However, as more and more men decide to be bold and avant garde in their underwear choices this brand has started to bring out the Italian Stallion in hordes of adoring British fans.

Mens underwear specialist Quake For Men have been one of the first online stores over here to begin stocking their ranges. As yet they only have a limited range of their jocks and thongs and are not including the more daring items such as see through body suits and PVC boxer shorts and briefs (more’s the pity – but there’s plenty of time yet and needless to say the Blokes Undies team will not rest till we find a UK stockist of this aspect of their ranges!).

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