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Equmen body forming men’s underwear is a range that offers the best of both worlds – brilliant and attractive underwear and shirts that actually help shape the body creating a leaner and more trim look.

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This young Australian brand has already caused a storm in the market with the fantastic favourable reaction its range of underwear and undershirts has received, and given that it is continuing to grow in popularity it comes as little surprise that the range is revered the world over.

With shaping technology in the construction of the garments helping to achieve the desired sculpting of the body in many places where it is desirable, Equmen body forming men’s underwear does exactly what it sets out to do while looking the part, too.

A brilliant range of stunning shirts in bold colours is joined by many different designs of underwear – from the standard close fitting and sculpted boxers to very stylish and very neatly fitting briefs – and all are a comfortable to wear as they are great to look at. What’s more, Equmen body forming men’s underwear comes at a price that will surprise you with its affordability rather than shocking you with its expense!

This really is a superb range of men’s underwear that will meet with many fans over the years, and as the company launched only in 2009 it remains to be seen just what they get up to in the next few years.

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