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Love your long boxer shorts? This men’s underwewar style is great for those who enjoy exercise and sports. Extra support, reduction of pinching and chafing, and super smart lines are just some of the benefits of longer legged boxers.

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Who Wears Long Leg Boxers?

This sporty styled type of long boxer short is popular with many an active chap, particularly those who are blessed with large, muscled thighs.

Boxer shorts providing that extra coverage which takes the cut past the curve of the thigh are great for guys who suffer from chafing in their day to day lives. Swimmers often wear this style in their downtime due to their well developed thigh muscles which can rub underneath clothing.

Long leg underwear is used heavily by footballers, rugby players, runners and cyclists to stop painful rubbing during sporting activities.

Boxers For Long Distance Running & Cycling

Running and cycling in particular are sports that involve a lot of repetitive leg movement over long distances. Chafing around the legs and crotch can be hugely uncomfortable in these sports, making good underwear choices vital.

Most long boxer shorts feature high performance fabrics designed to wick moisture away from the skin. This is combined with seamless construction to create the best performance possible for active men.

Saying Farewell to the Dreaded Nut Crush

Many long leg boxer short styles also offer great ergonomic pouch support, which lifts your package up and prevents those painful “crushing moments” when your balls get caught up in your thighs during incautious sitting down or crouching.

For obvious reasons, long distance runners and cyclists also do not enjoy their nuts being crushed during a marathon effort.

No VPL With Long Boxers

If you like wearing tight fitting trousers you might have had issues with the dreaded VPL. Long boxer shorts create an excellent silhouette under close cut jeans and trousers. Do bear in mind that the seam around the bottom of the leg of the boxers needs to be well executed to get the best performance out of them.

Best Brands For Long Boxer Shorts

Mundo Unico

This is our personal favourite for longer leg boxer shorts. Mundo Unico features comfortable, lightweight stretch fabric and flat stitched seams to prevent catching and chafing.


Ideal for runners and cyclists, Impetus longer length boxers feature sizing based on thigh circumference, moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool, and perforated panels to increase air flow. You can choose from a variety of leg lengths so you can tailor your underwear choices to your sporting needs.

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