Long Leg Boxer Shorts

Love your boxers long legged? This style is great for those who indulge in exercise and sports. Extra support, chafing reduction, pinching reduction, and fabulously smart styling can be found from a plethora of brands.

This sporty styled type of boxer short is popular with many a chap, particularly those who are blessed with gloriously large and bemuscled thighs. Boxers providing that extra coverage which takes the cut past the curve of the thigh are great for guys who suffer from chafing in their day to day lives. Also used heavily by footballers, rugby players, and cyclists to stop painful rubbing.

Many long styles also offer great pouch support, which lifts the package up and prevents those painful “crushing moments” when your balls get caught up in your thighs during incautious sitting down or crouching. Again, a marvellous boon to all you active sports chappies.