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Founded in 2013, British Boxers Men’s Underwear is a quintessentially British brand creating high quality underwear and loungewear with a timeless style. Attention to detail on products that are built to last is one of the core principles of this stalwart of traditional fashion values.

A following of loyal customers flock to purchase boxers, briefs, pyjamas, and dressing gowns lovingly fashioned in luxurious fabrics. Exquisite comfort is the reward for those prepared to pay that little extra for the craftsmanship British Boxers is known for.

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Owned by Deborah Price, the brand name comes from a great deal of pride in her great, great, great grandfather being the first ever holder of the World Heavyweight title. She started the business with just £4,000 and has gone on to supply private labels to many Jermyn St tailors as well as being stocked by the prestigious Harrods store in London.

Labels like these are a dying breed in the UK. Quality is always worth paying for, and hopefully British Boxers Men’s Underwear will keep championing Blighty’s tailoring and textiles industry for the long term.

Lets keep a stiff upper lip chaps!

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