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The changes that we have seen in the men’s underwear market in the past few decades have demonstrated how this area of the fashion and clothing world is now treated with the same importance and reverence as women’s lingerie has been for many years. It was a long time coming, for men’s underwear has always been considered merely functional and women’s somewhat decorative, but the emergence of new designs – take men’s hipster underwear, for example – on the market has signalled a change in the way things are viewed.

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Indeed, men’s hipster underwear can be considered one of the more modern innovations in underwear trends, and most likely has its roots in the skate and surf fashion styles that have influenced male fashion in the past few decades. As jeans have grown ever lower in the waistline so the need for hipster underwear has pervaded the market, and as follows suit the major designers and manufacturers picked up on this and created an item that was previously unheard of.

Comfortable and fashionable, men’s hipster underwear comes in many shapes and sizes, and is adorned with bold colours or wild patterns and made from a variety of different materials. Available from most of the world’s leading brands this style of men’s underwear has a strong following and is seen as modern and hip, a sign that trends in men’s underwear are followed as closely as other more likely fashion avenues as we move into the 21st century. Comfort and quality, up to the minute and very much in – what more could a man want?

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