Want to wave goodbye to uncomfortable underpants? Obviously Underwear’s great range of anatomically designed briefs and boxer shorts for men will help you bid farewell to common comfort problems such as chafing, squashed packages and skin irritation from scratchy undies labels!

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Brisbane in March 2007 saw a momentous event in the history of mens underwear. Australian brothers Robert and Daniel Miljkovic decided it was time to end uncomfortable underpants forever. Sick and tired of the many ways boxer shorts, briefs, and underpants could conspire to make mens downstairs area damned uncomfortable they set out on a journey to create the perfect mens underwear.

The brothers examined current underwear designs and identified all the design flaws that can lead to underpant related discomfort. Obviously’s innovative range of mens undies was born, and the new creation has very quickly become a worldwide sensation. The secret to the buzz that’s been created around this brand is their “anatomical pouch” which lifts and supports the old nether regions. This innovative design is not only comfortable, it also enhances the male asset.

Active men will just love the ranges. They are great for playing sport as they eliminate chafing and discomfort from sweating. Workouts need no longer mean that your man bits are raw and swollen afterwards! Extreme comfort is combined with the satisfying knowledge that your boxers or briefs have been created from ethical and ecologically sound fabrics. The undies label makes use of natural fibres which use less water than traditional cotton during the growing process.