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There are some brands that are simply too far removed from others that that redefine the genre by their very existence; these are brands that do not create trends but create a whole new outlook, names that take the standard issue and rip up the form book, creating something that is at once innovative and exciting and brilliant in design.

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N2N, the name stands for Next to Nothing, is one such brand of men’s designer underwear and swimwear, and nowhere have we seen a range as different and daring, or as innovative and original as this.

This is underwear for the man who wants to show off his body, a truly outlandish display range that is both supremely comfortable and very well made, and there is no designer brand on the market that is doing quit what this brand sets out to do.

With shorts in sheer black and with an added pouch for supreme comfort, or right through to very sexy and very daring posing pouches that are made to the most discreetly detailed designs, you will be noticed in N2N, for that is what the purpose of this simply stunning range is.

On the beach or in the water you can choose from a superb selection of swimwear, among the most impressive and noticeable in the business, while during the day you can satisfy your desire for comfort with the stunning range of N2N underwear, and what makes things even brighter is that the prices are within your range – whoever you are!

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