Strings & Thongs For Men

Men’s strings and thongs have a loyal and passionate following. Once tried, they are incredibly compelling for the extreme comfort and style offered by the cut. Great to wear if you love tight fitting jeans and trousers. There’s no such thing as a VPL when there’s no backside in your pants! Just a few short years ago there were only a few men’s underwear brands offering g-strings for men, but today we see most major brands offering a good selection within their collections.

HOM and Olaf Benz were once the leaders of the men’s string pack, but they’ve quickly been joined and even overtaken by newer incumbents such as Andrew Christian and Gregg Homme. The new school of thong design has created some interesting fusions including the thong back men’s bodysuit, and we’re also seeing some fab and luxurious fabrics being incorporated. From lace, to mesh, tulle, and glorious metallics – the thong is here to stay and will continue to evolve to meet current undies fashion trends!