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Men’s strings and thongs have a loyal and passionate following. Once tried, they are incredibly addictive for the comfort and style offered by this male underwear type.

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A thong is great to wear if you love tight fitting jeans and trousers. There’s no such thing as a VPL when there’s no backside in your pants. Strings leave nothing to the imagination, and are loved by men who enjoy a barely there look and feel to underwear.

In recent years, strings and thongs have gone from having a very small fan base, to being a male underwear staple. The new school of thong and string design has created some sexy fusions including the thong back men’s bodysuit. We’re also seeing some wild and luxurious fabrics being incorporated. From lace, to mesh, tulle, and glorious metallics, the thong is here to stay and will continue to evolve to meet current male fashion trends.

Top Men’s String & Thong Brands

HOM and Olaf Benz were once the leaders of the men’s string pack, but they’ve quickly been joined and even overtaken by newer incumbents such as Andrew Christian, Gregg Homme. These brands specialise in styles for men who enjoy sexy and adventurous underwear. However mainstream brands such as Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani now have thongs as part of their core collections.

Thongs Are Now Mainstream Men’s Underwear

Just a few years ago there were only a handful of men’s underwear brands offering male thongs, but today we see most major brands offering a good selection within their collections. This underwear type is rapidly becoming part of the mainstream as more men discover how well they wear.

The History of Thongs –  Originally Male Garments

It might surprise you to hear that thongs were one of the first types of garment that men ever wore. When humans could only fashion very rudimentary clothing, the loincloth was adapted to a thong type arrangement to support and disguise the genitals. The Japanese Fundoshi, as worn by Sumo wrestlers is a good example of what this would have looked like. Another similar traditional garment is the Indian Kaupinam, which is also worn for ceremonial wrestling.

Men’s String and Thong FAQ’s

What’s The Difference Between Men’s Strings & Thongs?

These two underwear types have much in common. The main difference is that a thong will have a larger and wider fabric at the rear. Strings will tend to have a much finer and skimpier rear fabric.

How Many Men Really Wear Strings and Thongs?

The answer is “more than you think”. Some men worry that wearing a string or thong somehow suggests their heterosexuality is in question. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many men enjoy wearing this underwear type because it’s incredibly comfortable, and feels sexy.

Some of this is cultural. In Latin American Countries it’s very common for males to be found in thongs. This can be put down to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the warmer climate is a factor. A thong or string cut will ensure a cooler feel. Secondly, Latino men seem to enjoy a much more adventurous underwear style.

What Benefits Do Male Thongs and Strings Offer?

There are lots of reasons why this underwear cut has become increasingly popular. Here’s a few of them for you to consider.

  • They are incredibly comfortable. This is something that many men don’t realise until they try them on. Less fabric means more comfort.
  • They’re cool! Not only do they look great, they also keep you nice in cool in hot and sticky climates. The less of your skin covered in fabric, the less sweating you have to suffer.
  • Thongs and strings look and feel sexy.
  • You can eliminate VPL whilst wearing them. They also make your bum look much rounder and perkier. Briefs and boxers can distort the shape of your bottom.
  • Barely there feel. Many men really enjoy the minimal coverage making it feel like they are hardly wearing undies at all.

There’s really only one way to discover if this underwear type really is for you – try some!

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