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Drake & Hutch is an up and coming British brand launched in Manchester by creator, Pete McGuinness. His background in luxury tailoring led him to ponder the shopping habits of clients who would buy exquisitely tailored suits worth thousands of pounds, and wear low-end, badly cut underwear.

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Pete quickly realised there was a market niche for a brand that provided the same quality of fit and attention to detail as a Jermyn St. Tailored suit, and Drake & Hutch was born. The brand was launched at the start of 2014 after an in-depth development period which began in 2012.

Traditional British tailoring techniques and attention to detail are fused with modern production technology to create men’s underwear luxury and comfort that is nothing less than outstanding. 2 years has gone into developing and perfecting a fit that is unique to the brand, resulting in perfect support and comfort. Relationships with artisan fabric mills and high quality manufacturers complete the recipe for underwear with an inherent British quality.

Designed in Manchester, and manufactured in a small family run facility in Portugal, this is a boutique brand to watch in coming years. Having already garnered a small but loyal following, Drake & Hutch hopes to build on their success. Their upcoming range will be launched through a kickstarter campaign, giving customers the chance to truly invest in quality British underwear.

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