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Barcode Berlin Underwear is unashamedly sexy, featuring innovative designs with a distinctly sporty and masculine fetish twist. Best known for their athletic styled boxers, briefs and jockstraps this is a brand for men who demand well cut underwear.

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About Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin was founded in East Berlin in 2009 by Stoyan Nikolov and Frank Michehl.

They were one of the first brands to tap into the growing market for sports and fetish styled men’s underwear. At a time when few other brands would have created designs in fabrics such as lace, and concieved of harnesses as fashion wear, Barcode were already innovating.

Since then, the gay underwear market for sporty styled fetish underwear has grown hugely. Barcode was an early adopter, and has carved out a significant fan base for its sporty styles which appeal to men who love the party lifestyle.

Born To Party

It’s no secret. When it comes to party time, there is no place like Berlin. From Berghain to Kit Kat Club, via the plethora of parties, club nights, festivals, and impromptu raves, Berlin does hedonism like nowhere else on the planet. It is no surprise that a brand like Barcode Berlin was conceived there.

The independent, open minded authenticism so important to Berliners flows through Barcode Berlin. The brand encourages it’s wearers to do something different while indulging in the sex appeal of well crafted eye catching fetishwear. Whether combining harnesses with lace shorts, or sportswear with backless underwear, there is a unique combination of Barcode items tailored just for you.

Key Cuts

What they lack in quantity they make up for in quality: Barcode Berlin’s small sexy range of underwear are visual teasers for the modern day party man.


Barcode only make one pair of boxers, but what a pair! Leather patches adorn sleek black shorts, while a well crafted front pouch with red details ensures an eye pleasing bulge. Oh- and there’s easy access zips… Both on the front and the back!


Like many a Berliner, Barcode Briefs are simple and straight to the point. Available in a variety of colourways, the comfortable and well built underwear are the perfect support no matter how long the party!


Nothing says business in the front and party in the back quite like a well built jockstrap. Strong elastics and a comfortable front pouch ensure everything stays in place. And unlike mullets, Barcode Berlin jockstrap are great looking pieces of mens underwear.

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