Mundo Unico Mens Underwear

Hot Latino underwear cuts from Colombian based label Mudco Unico feature flamboyant lines, sizzling design, and daring cuts. Passion and hot blooded style run through the designs from this increasingly popular brand.

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Brand Profile

Mundo Unico were founded in Colombia during 1996. Their lines also include some clothing, but they are best known on British shores for their amazingly daring underwear designs that are both sexy and masculine in one sizzling package. This is underwear designed to please the Latin male – it is oozing with testosterone and sexuality. Clearly this style transfers well to other cultures because the mens underwear label is now sending its hot designs to 22 countries around the globe.

The underpants created by this hot label have one unique selling point – complete comfort. Their unique suspensor technology is designed to keep your man bits cool and comfortable. Super soft fabric is combined with stretchy textures and great colour modes to create a range of boxers, briefs, and strings that are truly stylish and sexy. Latin sizing in this range means that most men will have to order a size larger than usual due to Latino men being slim hipped.

These are fantastic boxers and strings and aren’t just loved by men looking for bulge boosting functionality. The extreme comfort and excellent support offered by the pouches makes this a brand that pant punters return to time and time again.

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