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German brand Body Art is a daring and erotic line of men’s underwear and swimwear. Like many of the brands hailing from our European neighbour it’s designed to be different, daring, and is constructed to highly exacting standards. You can become your own canvas – but do you dare to wear?

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Daring German Styling In Every Pair

Featuring a range of innovative materials and sophisticated cuts, Body Art is definitely not for the faint of heart. From skimpily cut mesh thongs to wet look boxers and teasingly transparent micro pants in bright, bold, and brash colours. This brand will appeal to men who like to walk a bit on the underwear wild side. If you like to flaunt it, you need to grab yourself a slice of this.
Make no mistake, this underwear line is designed to be unrelentingly sexy and way out there. From sizzling strings to sheer and sexy bodysuits, this is underwear for men who want to look and feel sexy in a range of undies that’s got that trademark German sex appeal.

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