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Raw, sexy, and completely open at the front – when you want to show off exactly what you’ve got! Open Front Men’s Underwear leaves zero to the imagination and leaves you open for naughty pleasure.

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What Is Open Front Men’s Underwear?

Underwear with an open front is exactly what it says on the tin. Rather than having a pouch, there will be a cut out detail leaving your hanging package out and dangling free .It’s like any other men’s underwear – but pouchless.

Make Your Boxers a Pouch Free Zone?

This type of underwear is not just for sale in naughty sex shops however, many of the body conscious designer brands that have a sexy edge feature thongs, jocks, and boxers with open fronts. Often you can dress up your man bits with some sexy shapes or straps, all designed to leave you quite literally open for business.

Open Front Men’s Underwear Cuts

You can get every underwear cut you can imagine without the hindrance of a pouch, even a jockstrap or thong. Fans of men’s fetish underwear can get them in PVC and faux leather, with lots of kinky detailing. Some boxers and briefs such as the Gregg Homme Crave collection offer the versatility of a detachable pouch. That way, you can decide how you want to wear them. Maybe you want to tease your lover, before revealing yourself for naughty fun. The MANstore Tarzan strap is really just several strips of thin fabric arranged to erotic effect around your genitalia.

Pouchless underwear is here to stay, and your package is the main attraction. The rest, is just sexy window dressing.

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