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Hot South American styling is what Clever Moda underwear is all about. Their distinctively masculine and yet sexy look will appeal to body conscious men who like their underwear to look just as good as they do.

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Moda is a Columbian based mens underwear brand which was established back in 2004 in the country. Latino men are well known for their love of underwear which expresses their essential masculinity at the same time as their essential sexuality. They like their underwear to make them look sexy, hot, and attractive. Increasingly this love of sexy mens underwear has been transferred to different markets. Men in the UK are now beginning to demand a little more than the bog standard and ordinary fare that mainstream brands such as M&S create – they want a little bit of hot blooded style in their underpants, boxer shorts, tanga briefs, and yep, their strings!

Clever Moda’s distinctive South American underwear styles have just arrived in the UK thanks to online mens underwear specialist Dead Good Undies. Sexy low rise boxer shorts combine with sexy strings and beautiful briefs to create a truly compelling collection of mens underwear.

If you love your undies with a bit of hot latino styling then this is a great brand for you to try out – our readers love the suspensor technology that’s been developed by their design department and we think you will too!

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