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Hom Men’s underwear & swimwear has more than a little edgy sex appeal. Funky designs that only a top notch French label could produce, and looks that stand out in the underpant crowd.  Hom does all this and a hell of a lot more. They have graduated with honours from the university of underpant design!

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Dead Good UndiesDead Good Undies
Dead Good UndiesDead Good Undies
Dead Good UndiesDead Good Undies
Dead Good UndiesDead Good Undies

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Hom Men’s Underwear & Swimwear – French Attitude is Built in!

Hom Underwear is perfect for all you blokes who like a luxurious feel to your underwear combined with sharp design principles. The extremely popular brand was born 40 years ago in France, home of high fashion and style snobbery. The French apply the same exacting standards to the design and quality of their boxers and briefs as they do to couture and catwalk shows. Today, the underwear brand is at the forefront of new technology in the provision of cool undies for sophisticated men about town. Their committment to new and exciting fabrics and textures is evident througout all of their ranges. We particularly like their newest venture into the world of luxury underwear for men who really like to treat their bums to the very best in underpants – their Couture line is selling like hotcakes all over the world.

A world leader in the mens underwear fashion stakes, this brand has achieved this heady accolade by ensuring all their designs incorporate comfort with elegant designs that make the wearer feel sexy and validated. This brand is not for everyone and nor does it intend to be (typically French!). If you want boxers, thongs, and tangas that’ll make you feel sensuous and stylish then this is the label for you. Their range of undies is designed to enhance the essential maleness of your body silhouette.

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