Men’s Bodysuits

Although they may seem like a new and cutting edge notion in the world of  underwear, men’s bodysuits are in fact the ultimate in fashion revival. This all in one type undergarment dates back to the earliest forms of underclothing. Lets face it, in ye olde days of no heating and even less household insulation, an all in one was the most warm and practical solution.

These days, bodysuits bear little or no relation to their ancestors. Often featuring daring designs and sexy fabrics and cuts, there’s a plethora of styles including althetic backs, thongs, wrestler, singlet leotards, full seats, and lots more. Take your pick of fabric too, from comfortable microfiber modals right through to sheer and sexy see through mesh.

The world of “Blokes Undies” has come full circle with bodysuits for men – and this modern, daring, and sexy style is here to stay. Popular brands featuring this style consistently include Male Power, Gregg Homme, Rufskin, N2N, and more.
So come on, take a walk on the wild side and check out some red hot men’s body suit styles!

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