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Who said that men’s underwear had to be boring? Men’s bodysuits are incredibly comfortable, and offer a seamless silhouette under clothes.  Stylish, sexy, and flattering!

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About Male Bodysuit Styles

Bodysuits for men are not just about male lingerie fashion. Many styles are highly practical, and are excellent for anyone who enjoys winter sports, or has to work in a cold environment. In recent years, however the range of styles has started to become increasingly adventurous. You will easily find sexy sheer bodysuits that appeal to fans of sexy men’s underwear to sporty wresting all in ones. Let’s take a good look at all the different styles, shapes and textures on offer!

What Types Of Bodysuit For Men Can You Buy?

Sporty / Wrestling

These sporty, masculine styles can be worn for sports, gym, or just for your pleasure. They look a lot like the type of suits you’ll be familiar with from WWF. Long shorts combined with a low slung strappy vest that exposes your torso. Popular with body conscious guys who enjoy looking their best.


Singlet style bodysuits can be similar to the wrestling bodysuits, but are more likely to have shorter leg lengths. These can be great to team up with a pair of jeans for that night out at a club. You won’t suffer from an untucked shirt or vest wearing one of these!

Thong Back

Yep, you can get bodysuits with thong backs. These look and feel incredibly sexy – why not try one out in a more exotic fabric like mesh or see through?


One of the huge benefits of a male bodysuit is it’s body sculpting functionality. With no waistband to dig in, you can enjoy a smooth silhouette. Some offer more support than others, but they are a great way to dip a toe in to the world of male shapewear. If it’s good enough for the ladies for those special days and nights out, we can’t see why men can’t join in.

History of Bodysuits

This versatile garment was first seen in the 1950s. Created as a variation on the leotard, and well known as Wonder Woman’s attire of choice, they quickly became underwear and fashion staples for women. In recent years men’s underwear has developed to include the bodysuit in a variety of sexy and sporty male stylings. Why should Wonder Woman have all the fun?

What Benefits Can Men’s Bodysuits Offer You?

  • Sexy and smooth – you can enjoy the fabric of your choice next to your skin.
  • Incredible comfort – no waistbands to dig in it’s just one smooth garment.
  • Great to wear under clothes – great shape and no untidy lines. Also offers a lot of warmth.
  • Huge selection of fabrics – jersey, mesh, silk, see through are just a few.

How Do You Put A Bodysuit On?

The quick answer is that you just step right in the top. Some styles do have zip or button fronts, but for the true one piece body suits you just pull them on up over your shoulders and you’re done. Some Bodysuits have closures around the groin for those bathroom visits. Probably a good idea to familiarise yourself with them before a few drinks.

Ready to try one? Do you wear a bodysuit regularly already? Drop us a line in the comments and tell us all about it!

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