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Peek a boo! Naughty, sexy, and letting your best bits show without wearing a jockstrap. Backless men’s underwear has become increasingly popular, offering adventurous males an open back cut with the comfort of regular briefs or boxers.

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What is Backless Men’s Underwear?

This underwear genre covers (or rather doesn’t cover) every type of men’s undies that let your bum hang out. The exception to this is the Jockstrap which has a whole genre of its own. Bottomless briefs usually have full frontal coverage and pouch support. However, there are some pairs that have an open front and an open back. These, we’d question if there’re really underwear at all. More of an open invitation to play naughty!

Many styles of backless underwear also feature sexy lace or see through fabrics. These have recently become more mainstream, drawing men’s lingerie into the spotlight. Increasing numbers of men are exploring their sexual selves and wearing underwear that embraces their sensuality

Backless Underwear Cuts

Open Back Briefs

Make a cute little love heart out of your butt with a pair of naughty backless men’s briefs. These types of briefs are cheeky at the back, and offer full pouch support at the front. You’ll find the bottomless design feature in just about every male bikini brief cut imaginable.

Bottomless Boxers

This style can vary in the degree of flesh exposed at the back. Some are almost like a pair of chaps, others create a perfectly squeezeable bubble of bare bottom. All of them are incredibly sexy, and the pouch support means they can be worn out on the town as well as for those naughty nights at home.

As you might imagine, you can’t really get a backless thong. You can, however, get them in an open front style. Definitely a less is more male underwear choice right there, but they look and feel incredibly erotic. Probably better for a night in than a night out though, hey?

Jock Briefs

Another glorious hybrid cut, Jock briefs have the front coverage and pouch support of regular briefs – and a cheeky surprise at the rear. This cut allows men who like open back styles to enjoy a wider range of fashion and pouch types.

Whichever open back underwear you choose, it’ll definitely make a statement. We’re glad to see that this underwear genre is building a fast following amongst men who want to look and feel erotic in their undies.

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