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It is notable that as fashions change all aspects of a man’s wardrobe have to follow suit. Take the current trend for low rise men’s briefs – articles of underwear that serve a very neat and necessary function: why did they come about?

The reason is that more and more men are following the surfer and skater style of wearing low slung jeans, and low rise briefs offer a great way of wearing underwear that sits within the trend.

Fashion is, after all, all about trends and when one thing changes another does too, but with men’s underwear it has only been relatively recently that the market responded anything like the rest of the fashion world.Men’s briefs, after all, only came about thanks to the innovations of Jockey, the American underwear giants, in the 1930’s when they superseded the commonplace one piece men’s underwear for separate briefs and vests. Jockey, incidentally, later introduced the revolutionary y-fronts, and ate still innovators in the market today.

Low rise men’s briefs are very much of the 21st century, a comfortable yet functional style of men’s underwear that offers much in the way of support and enhancement, while also providing adequate comfort and style to boot.

Made by many of the world’s leading manufacturers, this is a garment that will remain popular as long as contemporary fashions make it so, and with trends the way they are that looks like being a very long time indeed.

Not to everyone’s taste, then, but very much a niche in the market, low rise men’s briefs are here to stay.

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